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Sean is 8-years-old. He is in that middle-of-the-road stage where one minute we are so impressed with how great he’s doing at something…and the next we’re ready to pull our hair out with his craziness. When he was 5, I wrote that his favorite things included trains, dinosaurs, and anything that flies (and makes a lot of noise).  Now, I’d say his favorite things include trains, dinosaurs and anything alien related…and those things usually fly.

This summer, Sean learned how to ride his bike with out training wheels (we actually took them off the end of last summer, but he wasn’t happy about that).  He loves that he can keep up with the older two now and would love to add bike tricks to his list of impressive capabilities.
(Mom isn’t so sure about the BMX idea though…)

Sean’s least favorite subject in school is handwriting…and anything that involves writing.  He still loves to read and has taken to science a lot this last year.  He likes to say he’s on the fence about history though.  Sometimes he likes it, sometimes he doesn’t.

Photo courtesy of B Prince Photography

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