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Michaela Joy is our three-year old.  Andrew and I both agree that the terrible twos have got NOTHING on the terrifying threes.  Most of the kids went through the twos easily and spent that time in delight at what they learn to do.  Threes…not so much.  Like most toddler/preschoolers Michaela spends her time pretty equally divided between navigating growing up and living up to her middle name.


Photo courtesy of B Prince Photography.

Michaela held the title of “Velcro Baby” until shortly after Liam was born. She was our first to have major separation anxiety issues that centered on Michele. We got our first pet (a puppy) just before Michaela turned two and that alone made a major difference in her. She had already started to separate from Michele some when Liam was born, but getting Daisy somehow allowed her to flourish.

Now that we’re back into school, Michaela is joining Kelsie in a lot of Preschool/early K activities.  At this age, it’s all fun because there is no pressure.  She can learn at her own rate and she’ll never be behind or ahead in anything…she just learns.  It’s great!

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