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Kelsie is our little firecracker.  She loves, loves, loves to talk.  She wants to be a part of every conversation and usually doesn’t have much difficulty making herself heard.  (Yes, that means she can be loud when she wants to be.)  😉  Her favorite things usually include ANYTHING that her older siblings love.

Photo courtesy of B Prince Photography


At 5-years-old, Kelsie desires nothing more than to be a “big kid”.  She’s always loved being a helper and is usually the first to volunteer when needed.  The only downside is she often gets very disappointed if she doesn’t succeed right away and wants to be a perfectionist.

Kelsie has always been a bit of a ham and loves to tell jokes (that make sense to no one but her) and is constantly keeping us in stitches.  I’m not sure what she loves more…laughing or hearing us laugh.

Kelsie was named in memory and honor of her two wonderful grandmothers.
Andrew’s mom’s name was Elsie and Michele’s mom’s middle name is Dianne.

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