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Erin is 10 and she’s Michele’s right hand.  Her birthday lands in late Autumn, so she’s on the young side for her grade level, but (for the most part) that hasn’t held her back any.  She is our avid reader and usually has 3 or 4 books going at a time.  She enjoys science experiments with her brothers, but spends most of her creative energy in the kitchen or doing crafts.

Erin enjoys being a big sister and loves to help out with the younger kids, especially her sisters.  It’s common to find her snuggling with a fussy toddler or playing with them when she gets her work finished.  Her favorite “chore” though is helping with cooking…although you won’t find her calling it a chore.  She loves to be creative and our biggest challenge is keeping up with her.

It has been a lot of fun watching Erin move from being a little girl who loved and enjoyed princess fairy tales  to being an on-the-go active young girl.  She loves to ride her bike and climb trees or explore the woods with her brothers.  Ever the social butterfly, she also likes to try to spend as much time with her friends as she can.  At this stage, she’s probably the most well-rounded of the bunch with more interests than she can keep up with.

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