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Red Roses, Red Roses, Red Roses all over

January 30, 2014

This was the first year that I can remember Erin didn’t have big plans for her birthday cake.  She tossed around a few ideas but never really settled on one.  After we were home from vacation and Michaela’s birthday was finally celebrated, Erin asked me if she could have a doll cake as well.   I told her sure and we started discussing the dress and the doll pick.  She wanted the red-head and I thought for sure she’d want one of the others.  The red-head doll pick I have is the young girl, while the blonde and brunette are the teen/mature dolls.  I know it doesn’t really matter, but she’s at that fun stage of more maturity but not quite mature and sometimes these things matter (and sometimes they don’t…depending on the mood.)

So, the red-head doll is was!

Yes, that’s even icing in her hair.  It turned out beautiful!  ❤

The only problem I have with this cake is trying to figure out where to put the candles.  This girl is on fire!!!!!  Yup, we all sang that Erin blew out the candles.

Happy Birthday, Erin Grace!  Glad you liked your cake!

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  1. Deana Terrill permalink
    January 30, 2014 4:58 pm

    Beautiful ♥ and the cake turned out fabulous too! 🙂

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