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Princess Goldilocks

January 22, 2014

Since I am horribly behind on posting, I’m going to try to post one birthday post each week.  I have all 4 of the fall birthdays to post so that will carry me over a month.  Oy.  I should try to do better.

First up, Michaela.  She turned 4 while we were on vacation (in October), so we had a small birthday in Williamsburg and then her cake when we returned home.

Birthday girl on vacation. The colonial doll (she named Amelia) was her birthday present.

I’ve been calling her Goldilocks for a long time now, but especially lately with all her little blonde curls every where.  (I’ve decided she can never get a haircut again because I don’t want her to lose her curls!)  When I asked her what kind of cake she wanted…Princess Goldilocks! of course.  She had to explain to me what Princess Goldilocks would look like because after all..Goldilocks wasn’t an actual princess.   This was what we came up with…

Michaela has such a BIG personality.  She’s either “on” or she’s “off” and you never know what you’re going to get from one minute to the next.  Fortunately for me, she loves birthdays so she was all about her cake.

And of course, every birthday needs a cannibal weeping angel moment.   It’s okay if you don’t understand that…she and my crazy crew understood and that’s all that matters, right?  😉

Happy Birthday, Michaela!  You’re having a great year.  We love you!

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