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Dunkin’ Toes

November 4, 2013

It has definitely taken me long enough, but I’m starting to work through the pictures from vacation.  I wasn’t sure where to start, so I just picked a spot and started.  I decided to do a few different posts based on where we were and not try to keep things in order or anything actually organized.  That would be too easy, right?

So, first up…the beach!

I’ll start by saying…I really REALLY REALLY do not like the beach.  It would be great if it weren’t for all the sand, and nasty water, and sand, and nasty water, and birds, and sand and nasty water.  Did I mention the sand?  I’m also not one of those people who can spend much time in the sun.  I know this and yet it doesn’t stop me.  I put on the sun screen and headed out, because what kind of mother would miss seeing her kiddos dunk their toes in the great big wide-open ocean for the very first time?  Have I ever posted about mommy guilt?  I should.  I could write a book on mommy guilt.

Anyway, I love my camera and I hate sand.  So, we arrived at the beach.  I took some pictures and then had Andrew take the camera back to our vehicle.  Then I proceeded to get sun burnt…with sun screen.  OY.

Okay, enough about me.  The family LOVED the beach.  Well, some of them did.  My dad and step-mom went with us and after the kids warmed up (or got used to the cold!) they had a lot of fun.

The last time we were at the beach, Sean was about 18 months old.  He doesn’t remember, but the older two do.  The three youngest had never been to the beach or seen an ocean.  Don’t judge…did I mention the sand?

I don’t remember the waves ever being so hard to stand up in when I’d been to the beach before.  Michaela and Kelsie really did have a difficult time just trying to stay upright.

Kelsie learned that not all goggles are flattering.  Ick.  She wouldn’t take them off though!  Can you tell how fogged up they are?  Crazy girl.

Then there is Liam.  Bless his heart, he really didn’t want in the water.  After the initial running in with daddy, he was perfectly content to sit on the blanket with his bucket and shovel.  Exactly what Sean did 8 years ago.  (be still my heart!)   He wasn’t taking any chances though.  It was a while before I could get the life jacket off of him.

This was the look he gave me every time I said “do you want to go get in the water and play?” {giggle}

Sean didn’t really want to get in the water either.  I think he was having just as hard of a time standing as the younger girls were, and he’s not at all a confident swimmer.  We need to work on that.  In this picture I tried to get him to stand to the right and put his hand out like he was picking up that cargo ferry out in the ocean.  He kept telling me to take the picture and leave him alone.  Hmpft.

He spent a good bit of the day chasing down birds.  At one point, the people next to us were feeding those things.  I HIGHLY advise people NOT to do this.  I’m not afraid of birds, but I do love Alfred Hitchcock and I know enough not to invite them to a feeding frenzy.

I’m throwing these last two in just because.  Something about both of them makes me smile.  I just won’t let myself think of the sand that we’ll never get out of Kelsie’s swimsuit.  😉

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  1. Ellen "Eileen" Smith permalink
    November 4, 2013 4:13 am

    Looks like a wonderful fun time for a beautiful family!!!

  2. November 4, 2013 12:18 pm

    Michele, I don’t like the beach, either…and I lived near the ocean all my life (until 12 years ago). My daughter doesn’t remember the beach. We went to Jekyll Island in September. UGG! 😉

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