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Friday Update

November 1, 2013

Goodness gracious.  I think I can win the lousy blogger award.  I can’t seem to keep up with the blog and everything else lately.  I’m actually considering cutting back on Facebook and putting more effort in the blog.  I like that Facebook can be quick and drive-by posting though.  I’m not sure what I think of posting like that on the blog.  Something to think about though.  I definitely update more there than I do here.


First order of business…I totally left the last What is it? Wednesday hanging in mid-air.  My friend, Laura, came the closest to the actual answer.  I’m not totally sure what plants these were, but it is a picture from the huts at Jamestown Settlement in Virginia.

Congratulations, Laura!

Second up on update list, The World Series.  For those of you who know we were a house divided last week…I felt I should tell you that we did indeed survive!  Split pretty evenly down the middle (I say Daisy is a Red Sox fan…so our side gets to count one extra) it was rough going for a few days, but since the better team won – all ended up right in the end.    😉

Third….school!  It seems like a really weird time for school to need adjusting, but one of my children has taken off like a rocket in a few subjects.  I’ve never had to switch gears mid year and adjust a whole grade level or more, but it looks like I’m adjusting this year.  It is exciting (for me) to see the enthusiasm for continual learning in my kids, especially in this one.  I can admit this particular child and I have spent time in tears over school work.  It’s refreshing to be asked for more challenging work for a change.  I’m just nervous about finding it!

Fourth…Christopher made an exciting purchase this week.  He has been saving his money for a couple of years for a Lego robot that he’s been wanting.  Everything finally lined up and he had enough to order it!  I’m amazed at the technology this thing has and I’m even more impressed at how much he loves it.

Christopher’s Lego Mindstorm ev3. Impressive!

Fifth…growing up.  My little Liam is growing up on me.  He’s at a stage that I love.  His talking had really taking off and hearing him express himself with his cute-little-not-quite-still-a-baby-not-a-big-boy-yet voice does me in.  I love the “is are” “is are not” conversations and he now says his own name and age.  He doesn’t have his L down though, so he says ‘EEEEEEum” for his name.  The stinker is too cute for his own good!  He also gave up the binky (pacifier) this week.  I’m very much amazed at how easy my kids all gave it up.  I have heard a lot of horror stories about how awful the process is and it really wasn’t hard with any of them.  I love that.

We’re definitely staying busy.  Having American Heritage Girls meetings one night and First Lego League Robotics on another takes up a good bit of our evenings, but the kids are learning so much and having a ball while doing it.  I’m feeling slightly ahead of the curve as we head into birthdays and holiday season.  We had family pictures taken last week!  I’ve been known to finally get them in oh….in January.  So, I’m ahead of the game!  Right?  (just agree, it’ll make me feel better)

And last, I always want to do a thankful post every day of November and some how get sidetracked.  I’m going to try to include those in our update (if I can remember to get those in)…so this week…

I’m thankful for my parents and how good they are to us.  Not having either of Andrew’s parents still around definitely leaves them a gap to fill, but my mom, dad and step-mom are all precious to our family…and I’m very thankful for each of them!

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!

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  1. February 12, 2014 1:05 pm


    Do you think these look like yours? We have those growing across the road from us – yours aren’t fuzzy. 🙂

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