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It’s okay to be little

September 13, 2013

When my oldest kids were little, we loved little things.  We sang Wee Sing Silly Songs in the car.  We watched The Wiggles.  We played with Little People and dolls.  We were just little…and it was so much fun.

Now my bigger kids groan when I tell them to put in a video that the little ones would like.  They groan when I act silly and dance in the middle of the store (which makes me do it more often…they haven’t figured that one out yet).  They want big kid toys.  When it comes to the various little people in our house they usually want one of two things…1) little people can be little but they need to do it elsewhere or 2) they want the little people to be big people.

I have one older child that has trouble with self-control.  (I don’t mean me!  I said child!  Hush.)  I’ll never forget the day this child was talking about the baby and said “He’s a year old!  He should know not to get into other people’s stuff!!!!”  Oh, did I laugh.  Just an hour before, I had been looking for something and it was found in Child-who-lacks-self-control’s room.  Yeah…said child got into my stuff.  I laughed and laughed and laugh.  Said child failed to see the humor.

Today, we were out shopping and ran across a tiny little Merry-Go-Round.  Man, those things are so cheesy and not worth the money.  For two minutes (it was probably less than that) we all got a lesson in “it’s okay to be little and do little things sometimes too.”

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  1. Mamaw permalink
    September 13, 2013 10:46 pm

    Yes, Kelsie we see you! Love you all.

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