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What is it? Revealed – A few days late…

August 27, 2013


It was brought to my attention this morning that I never posted the reveal for last week’s What is it? Wednesday.  I’m not exactly sure what happened.  I had scheduled the post ahead of time and according to my WordPress dashboard, it posted.  It’s not showing up on the blog though and I’ve tried to change several things to get it to post.  Apparently, that’s not working, so I’m trying a new post to see if this works.

I’ll have to admit…I was hoping for some crazy creative guesses.  Jill was the correct guess…sort of.  😉  She guessed “I can see a car thru a hole in glass or a mirror. (Looks like a car bumper on the left.)”  She is right.  It’s a hole in glass and you can see a car bumper through it.  It’s was the type of hole that we were hoping you’d all guess.

Andrew and I (and Michaela) went out for date night a couple of weeks ago at a new restaurant.  It was there I noticed this right next to Andrew.

Yes siree!  That’s a nice little bullet hole in the glass right next to where my husband was sitting.  He tried to be inconspicuous in taking the picture with his phone, but the people in the booth behind him noticed.  Gives you a lot of confidence to sit there and eat, huh?  (Actually, we weren’t at all worried.  This building recently sat empty for a while before they opened this restaurant and I’m sure this happened then.)  

It did bring back memories of this picture though…

For those that don’t know the store – that was found in a jar of canned venison one night at dinner a few years ago.  🙂

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