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What is it? Revealed

June 14, 2013


You guys did great this week!  There were some wonderful guesses and the kids were taking notes.  They now have ideas for future pictures.  Keep that in mind if you get stumped at some point in the future.  Goodness knows we have plenty of kitchen mishaps I can take pictures of…Kenny.  😉

We knew that there would be guesses for bubbles, but we’d hoped to see at least one person guess a fly.  I guess I’m just more confident in my photography capabilities than others are.  HA!

Anyway, here’s the big reveal!  This log was part of a fire we had going last weekend while burning off some brush.  The kids thought it was cool to hear the hiss as the air escaped and to see the bubbles as the water pushed out.

Great job everyone!

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  1. July 10, 2013 11:14 am

    Your photography is incredible! So cool, Michele.

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