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“I Am” writing assignment

June 6, 2013

This week the three older kids were given a couple of writing assignments.  The first one was to write an “I Am” poem using a template.  I think this poem is fun because the template asked for some things they imagine (or for them to make up something that couldn’t be true) and it makes the poem so much more interesting.

The other assignment was a descriptive essay. They do one of these every few years and I love seeing how they’ve changed and what has stayed the same.  From their teacher and mom perspective, I love when I can see the maturity behind their words as well.   They each agreed I could share one (their choice) of the two assignments here.  Enjoy!

Christopher – essay

Hi there. My name is Christopher. On this piece of paper, I will list some of my distinguishing characteristics. I will try to be as accurate as possible.

I look a little different from most people I know. I have reddish-orange hair and the only other person I know with red hair is my sister, Erin. I wear glasses and most of my friends don’t. Most people tell me that my height surprises them, especially since I just turned 12 years old.

I like several things. I like origami (folding paper to make shapes, like a bird or a space ship). I like electronics, especially when I get to take them apart. I like almost anything edible. Some of my favorite foods consist of: strawberries, my mom’s homemade cakes, and chicken pot pie.

If you sum up everything you’ve have read, some people would call me a red-haired geek. So there you have it, a small part of my personality.

Erin – poem

I am a fun-lovin’ red-haired girl
I wonder if people can talk to whales
I hear frogs speaking to fish
I see orange grass
I want twelve horses and a harp
I am a fun-lovin’ red-haired girl

I pretend to be a princess
I feel as though I can fly
I touch the feathers of a Phoenix
I worry that I will fall out of a tree
I cry when I get hurt
I am a fun-lovin’ red-haired girl

I understand that I will never be blonde
I say that God is amazing!
I dream to be an Olympic swimmer
I try to be helpful to everyone
I hope that I will not drown
I am a fun-lovin’ red-haired girl

Sean – poem

I am a dinosaur- and train-loving boy
I wonder how my iPod really works
I hear a bat squeak
I see a Transformer
I want to be an inventor
I am a dinosaur- and train-loving boy

I pretend that I am Bumblebee
I feel I am friends with The Ninja of Stealth
I touch lightning
I worry Mommy will never fix my Teddy
I cry when I get slapped *
I am a dinosaur- and train-loving boy

I understand Christopher loves origamiI say God is the best thing ever!
I dream of Magic Teddy stories
I try to help
I hope I will never leave my Mommy
I am a dinosaur- and train-loving boy

(*Mommy note* – Sean and his brother were having a rough day…he hadn’t been slapped, but he was having a serious injustice moment when he wrote this. )

Yes, I’ll admit it, I cried when I got to the end of Sean’s.  I have it in writing.  I hope he knows that!  My kids are so sweet! I am biased and that’s okay!

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