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Erin reaches double digits (or Happy 10th Birthday!)

January 20, 2013

Erin celebrated her 10th birthday in October.  We were right in the middle of having guests and then a trip, so it has taken a while to get the pictures together.  To be honest, we weren’t able to hold her party in until December 1st, so I’m not as late as it might seem.  😉

In our house, the kids get to have a big birthday party and invite their friends, etc. when they turn 10.  We did parties every year when we just had a couple of kids, but when we started to add “just one more fall birthday” to the list, it got overwhelming fairly quick.  They look forward to their 10th for a while, so I try to do whatever they ask for and make it a very special day.  Erin wanted an American Girl party…so we did!

Food & Gift tables

Gift favor bags for the guests

You can’t have a food table without the cake!  Andrew called this her “American Swirl” cake.

Kelsie and Michaela both dressed up in their “party dresses” and their dolls had dresses to match.

All dressed up!

Michaela making her flower.

The boys were at the party too.  However, they did not want to participate in all the “doll fever” (as one *ahemChristopherahem* put it), so they played out in the hallway with Legos and came in for the fun stuff…like cake and presents.  🙂

Now comes the confession.  I really really really don’t like doing crafts with the kids.  We do it.  Sometimes I don’t mind it, but it really is one of those things that just stresses me out.  So, most of the time when they do crafts, I’m in the other room saying “just make sure you clean it up!”  If I didn’t do that, they’d be even more deprived in that category.  Having said that, imagine my happiness when Erin asked if we could some American Girl crafts to do.  Yippie!  I can say that without much sarcasm dripping from it because Michael’s had American Girl stuff 50% off after Thanksgiving.  YIPPIE!!!  50% almost makes it wonderful!  Hey, I said almost.  These are girls though, right?  It can’t be that complicated.  You throw the stuff on the table and let them just have it, right?  *phew*  It wasn’t that bad.  I was just glad when I could hand over helping to Andrew and take a few pictures.  I survived and I think they enjoyed themselves.

Erin showing how to make flowers.

Making ornaments and flowers.

I love to take pictures and these girls were a lot of fun.  Some of them *pretended* they didn’t want their picture taken, but you could tell they didn’t mind too much.  They were good sports and it wasn’t long before they turned it into a game and started hiding every time I turned to them with the camera.

These couple of shots makes me crack up though.  Erin posed with her friend, L, for a picture.  (notice the two younger girls in front of them)

S & R, decided to run and hide behind them so they wouldn’t be in the picture.  I motioned to Erin and L to move on the count of three and then silently held up my fingers, 1…2…3…


Still didn’t get S, but R was busted!  I love that the picture caught the two older girls in mid jump.

For the doll table, we decorated a preschool table and each place setting had a star-shaped Rice Crispy Treat on a stick (for wands), a pink napkin for a place setting and a clear shot glass as a drinking cup.  The plan had been to put punch in the dolls cup for color.  At the last-minute, Erin got nervous that one would spill and then the dolls would be stained pink.  She’s a smart one, too, because I can pretty much guarantee that would have happened.

There are so many cute things about this picture.  If you notice at the far corner of the table, one doll appears to have slid under the table.  That’s Michaela’s baby.  She doesn’t have an 18-in doll, so she brought her baby doll and sat her up at the table.  It was rather funny though when the doll didn’t agree to sit up and be noticed.  I love the 2nd doll on the left too.  You might not be able to see, but her arm is in a sling (and maybe a cast?).  Too sweet.

It’s a little late, but Happy Birthday, Erin!  We love you!

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  1. March 15, 2013 3:47 am

    What a fantastic job you did here!

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