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More than meets the eye

December 29, 2012

My first two babies were beautiful little (or not so little) red-head babies that arrived promptly on their due dates.  My third wasn’t as willing to wait.  Sean Patrick arrived almost 2 weeks early…which I realize isn’t really early at all…with dark black hair.  Coming a little early, he weighed in as my smallest baby.  Ha!  Smallest at 7 lb, 6 oz and 21 1/2 inches.  Yeah, he was small, at least he seemed to be to me.

This year, he celebrated his 8th birthday.  He has loved Transformers for a few years now and he was having trouble coming up with what cake he wanted.  I told him that it was time he had a Bumblebee cake.  Then I teased him mercilessly that it was going to have wings and go bzzz. 😉

I surfed around on the net for a while and finally found a few ideas I thought I could try.  I was rather pleased with the outcome!

I put a small section of black fondant on the top of a chocolate cake and then covered with yellow fondant, that had another small piece of black fondant under it.  Then I used my scissors to cut the yellow and open it up.  Then came the fun part!  I used pearl spray to make that inside black fondant look like metal.  The plan was for Sean’s birthday present, a very large Bumblebee, to stand on top of the cake and look like it had sort of ripped its way through.  Then we added the Autobot logo and the black stripes.  I’m still not very good at covering cakes in fondant, but I like how it turned out overall.  It was after we had the logo on the cake that I had the fantastic idea of printing his name off in Transformer font.  Andrew cut both the logo and the name out and I painted the pearl spray on those.  Sean loved it!

We used Sean’s little Bumblebee – that he has had forever – as the cake topper.  (He didn’t know about the bigger one yet.)  He made one comment about Bumblebee looking so tiny, which only added to our glee.

He’s at that weird age where giving everyone rabbit ears for pictures is hysterical.  Apparently that doesn’t just pertain to humans.  Who knew?

After snapping a few pictures, we had him go sit at the table so we could put the candles in…and switch to the bigger Bumblebee…{giggle}

Here you can see the comparison.  Won’t he be surprised!?  The candles are supposed to be sparkler trick candles.  That was one of my favorite parts.  {giggle}

Alright, Sean.  You HAVE to keep your eyes closed and everyone else, you are NOT allowed to say anything.

YES!!  Daddy and I were both giddy that we pulled it off.  He had no idea and he was super excited when he saw the new Transformer.

I have about a dozen pictures of him trying to blow out the candles.  I should have thought to video tape that.  He got them out faster than I thought he would, but it was still fun.

…and for the “More than meets the eye…” If you are familiar with Transformers, you know that is the tag line or whatever it is called.  Remember Kelsie’s heart cake?  {giggle}

Yeah, I did.  Now, before anyone thinks I’m an awful mom for putting a heart in the boy’s manly Transformer cake, he agreed to it.  When I went to make Kelsie’s cake, I really wanted to try the chocolate mousse in it.  I was reading a lot of reviews that commented if the filling was too soft, that it would smoosh and look more like a blob or a circle, but not a heart.  So, I asked Sean if he minded if I tried the mousse.  He said sure…although he did express the thought that he hoped it would be a circle over a heart. LOL   You can tell that the bottom of the heart didn’t come to a point as much as it did with the icing in Kelsie’s cake, but it still turned out great…and it tasted SO good.

Happy Birthday, Sean P!


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