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Tie Dye cake or Kelsie is FIVE!

December 28, 2012

I can’t believe my sweet Kelsie is five.  Turning five is a big deal!  You’re no longer just one of the “little kids”.  You get to be a bigger kid, too.  It’s both a blessing and a curse — depending on which child you ask.

Kelsie spent several weeks trying to decide just what type of cake she wanted for her big, number five birthday.  Some of the early contenders were:

  • A 3-D horse that had a head that went up and down.  (that girl has seen TOO much Cake Boss!)
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • A unicorn with real unicorn hair for the mane.  (uh huh…)
  • A cake shaped like shoes.
    • “Why, Kelsie?”
    • “Because {giggle} then I could say {giggle} I was eating stinky feet.”
    • (uh huh…)
  • Chocolate covered strawberry cake.  I was a little disappointed when she didn’t want that one.

Finally, she decided she wanted a Tie Dye cake.  Specifically…she liked the one I found at Bird On A Cake.  I really liked the top of the cake, but was not wild about the rainbow of activity inside.  I was able to take it as inspiration though and come up with a cake that perfectly fit Kelsie’s personality!

I like how the top turned out, but I wasn’t happy with what I tried to do on the sides.  The thing about piping gel…once it’s on, it isn’t coming off.  So I had to work with what I had already done.  We determined that those circles on the side are paintball splatter.  😉

When we asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she emphatically answered “BALLOONS!”  I have a bit of a love/hate thing with balloons.  I love how pretty they are.  I love how excited the kids get.  Then I hate how excited the kids get.  Then they end up fighting over them.  Then they end up popping them.  Then someone ends up crying.  Was the pretty balloon really worth it?

You look at this face and tell me?

Yeah, they were worth it.  😀

The natives were getting restless…I can almost hear them chanting “we want cake.  we want cake.”

Then came the really fun part, for me anyway.  I had used a new cake pan for this cake and was very excited to see the inside of my masterpiece.  No one else (well, maybe Andrew) knew what was coming…

You can see Christopher’s hand pointing to make sure everyone sees the heart when I pulled up the first piece.

This was the birthday girl’s reaction.


It turned out great.  The sprinkles in the cake mix for the “fun-fetti” look were a lot more appealing to me than the multiple layers of color. I love the Wilton Heart Tasty-Fill pan.  It made for a very cute cake!

Every cute cake needs a cute, five-year-old to go with it!  We definitely had that covered.  Happy Birthday, Kelsie!


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