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Festival Time

November 15, 2012

Each year, the county that we live in hosts a festival to celebrate the end-of-harvest.  We all enjoy going through the Arts & Crafts building and seeing all the fun (and beautiful!) things that have been made.  The kids always comment that they would like to enter something, but never step up and do it.  This year, I decided that I would enter something and maybe that would encourage the kids a little bit.  The three older ones entered, and are already planning for next year.  While I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with, I need to brag on them for this year a little bit first.

I’ll start with my picture that I entered and get that out of the way.  I call this little guy Herman.  Two of the kids call him Freaky.  They don’t like him staring at them like that.  ha!

You can see it here in the display, with my very proud Michaela.  There were about a gazillion plus two pictures.  Herman was in the wildlife category and lost to a snail.  I’m trying to be okay with that.  😉

Next up, Erin Grace.  Erin spent almost two full months working on her entry.  We tried to talk her into a smaller rug, but she REALLY wanted to do this particular latch hook.  She did an amazing job on it, too.  She was the only latch hook rug that entered and because she was a kid, they moved her into the Children’s Misc Craft category.  If she had been an adult, she would have gotten a well-deserved blue ribbon.  As a kid, in the misc category, she received an Honorable Mention ribbon.  She did surprisingly well with her disappointment, much better than her mother did.  After a few minutes, she put on a smile and said “well, the ribbon is pink.”  I’m SOOOO proud of her!

Here is the rug with the ribbon pinned on it.

Sean entered a Fuzzy poster in his age category.  He went back and forth for a long time on if he was going to actually enter it.  He finally decided to go ahead and was proud to show it to everyone when we did a walk through during the festival.  He said next year, he’ll do better…

…but he won’t do fairies. Here is his poster with the blue ribbon entry next to it.  Now you know why he mentioned the fairies. 😉  He received a green Participant ribbon.

Christopher also did a poster.  His wasn’t a fuzzy poster though, so the boys were in different categories.  This one fell under the marker category.  He was excited to see a blue ribbon on it!

He also entered two different Lego displays.  For his age group, he could enter one of his own creations and one built from a kit.  He chose to enter his Kre-O Optimus Prime for the 2nd category and received a third place ribbon for that entry.

For the first category, Christopher built a “Space Base” and entered that as his own creation.  It got him a 2nd blue ribbon!  He was THRILLED! (In this picture, the ship on the left of the picture wasn’t part of his entry.)

If it wasn’t enough that they all received a ribbon, Christopher was even more excited when we went to pick everything up and he learned that each blue ribbon entry won $5.  He loved seeing his name on his winner’s check.

I’m very proud of all of the kids and how they handled themselves…and I’m looking forward to next year!  This last picture was a prize-winning pumpkin.  The kids wanted me to buy it and see how many pies it would make.  At over 600 lbs, I imagine that’s a LOT of pies!

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