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Back-to-School: Part 1

September 9, 2012

This week, my mom came for a quick visit, and I decided to do our official “first” day of school while she was here.  A lot of people ask me what our schedule is like and how we figure a first day.  To be honest, it is just whatever day I pick.  I like that a lot!  We school year round, so I always try to make sure we get a few weeks of break before our official start.  Sometimes it works great, sometimes it doesn’t.  This year, when the public school kids in our area when back to school mid-August, I decided that was a good time to stop and get some end-of-summer fun in for us.  We went to a few parks and enjoyed just how empty they were.  We went shopping in the morning and enjoyed chatting with some wonderful older members of our community, while we were window shopping.  We even met up with a wonderful friend/photographer and had a great day at a beautiful WV state park, getting pictures made.

Now it’s time to get back into the swing of things though.  This year, we have joined a co-op and Erin is continuing in her American Heritage Girls troop.  Andrew is looking into a program for the boys, as well.  We’re going to be busy this fall!  My back-to-school traditions are a little cheesy, but the kids and I like them…and I like to share what we do.

I have a sheet that I print off for each of the kids.  It lists basic information that we spend a little bit of time filling out.  Name, grade, age, height, weight, favorite color, favorite food, etc.  Nothing really earth shattering, but I think it gives some insight into my kids when I see what changes from year to year…or what doesn’t.  I didn’t think to start these when Christopher was just starting out, but I have done it for all the other kids.  On the flip side to their information sheet, they each draw a self-portrait.  Typically that means I draw it for the 5 and under crowd, with their direction.  After that, they manage on their own.


Kelsie was very excited that she could write her own name on her sheet this year.

Mommy helping Michaela with her portrait.


Oh no! Where is my son’s head!?

I’d like the green one now, please.

Erin made sure she had all the right colors.


Everyone hard at work!

Christopher’s yearly progression.

…the last two years.

Erin’s yearly progression.

…the last two years.

Sean’s yearly progression.

Kelsie’s K4 picture. (In case you are wondering, she’s the red rocket ship in the top right of the picture.) 😉

I have a bunch of other pictures to post, I’m hoping to make a couple more this week…

…between school sessions!


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