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Friday Wrap-up

June 15, 2012

And so it begins…

This coming Monday we will start two weeks of swimming lessons at one of the area municipal pools.  We aren’t normally ‘pool people’ mostly because of where we live.  It’s not a huge drive to the pool, but it’s not really convenient either, so we tend to stick to sprinkler and wading pool fun here in the yard.  Since we’ll be going into town to get to the pool for lessons this year, we opted for a special on family pool passes.  That gives us access to two different pools in town all summer.

Last night we went to one of the pools, not the one where we’ll be taking lessons, to give the kids an idea of what to expect when it comes to locker rooms and such.   The kids had a blast, even if it was a cool blast.  Once the sun started to set it got pretty chilly.

This pool has a really fun ‘kiddie’ pool area next to the big pool and the kids had a ball.

What they are really looking forward to though, is the park where we are taking lessons…

Yes, this should be a pretty interesting summer.


School is definitely in the slower pace of summer mode, although I need to get them to pick it back up.  We had a lot going on during the day this week, one trip to the orthodontist and two trips to the family doctor for well-child check ups.  I try to avoid the doctor’s office during peak cold & flu season, so we do our check up appointments in the late spring/early summer when it fits the schedule.   The four older kids all grew in leaps and bounds this year and I was a little stunned to hear their heights.

  • C – 11 years old – 5′ 6″
  • E – 9 1/2 years old – 5′ 2″
  • S – 7 1/2 years old – 4′ 4″
  • K – 4 years old – 4′ 1/2″

I think more than one of the kids will be catching their dad and I in height.


On Wednesday night, we went over to a friend’s house for a bitter-sweet evening.  It was very nice to have the fellowship with them and visit, but we also said good-bye.  They were heading out to Oregon this morning for new adventures.  (yeah, they’re moving.)  The Horse Family (names changed to protect their privacy and because I know she’ll laugh like crazy when she reads this) were great friends to us.  Christopher has expressed a few times that he wished he had gotten to know Horse boy better, but Horse girlie was very special to our Erin.  From the time we learned that they were moving, I had flashes to that classic image of a car pulling away from the curb, a girl in the backseat waving like crazy, and the best friend being left behind chasing the car down the street.  It played out a little differently, but the sentiment was the same for Erin.  She’s doing better now though and is already coming up with creative ways they can keep in touch.  (Horse girlie mentioned that EVERYONE told her she needed to email them, so I told Erin we could either use carrier pigeons or the Pony Express – which is pretty fitting.  LOL)

Erin wanted me to post a picture of what she made for Horse girlie as a going away present.  I have a really cute picture of them together, but I can’t share.  So you’ll have to imagine.  😉


Last, but not least, the reveal for our What is it? Wednesday.

This week was a little frustrating.  I had the perfect picture for a reveal this week.  It’s probably one of the best pictures I have ever taken.  I love it.  The problem is, I can’t figure out a way to frame it for the Wednesday post that won’t give it away.  I know we’ve had a few easy weeks, but I don’t want this particular one to be so easy.  So, I’m going to keep working on it and just maybe I’ll find a way to use it.  If not, I’ll have to eventually share it as it is.

I had to be a little sneaky with a few of my friends this week.  The answer came in fairly early, so I threw out comments to them that, I hoped, would make them think they hadn’t guessed it.  I know, but what fun is it for the second guess to be right and no one else guesses.  After all, it’s all about our fun.  ha!

This week’s congratulations goes to Tawna!  However, calling it a Dandelion and then saying “I can’t think of what it is called.” almost boycotted the guess.  😉

Hope everyone had a great week and is looking forward to a great weekend!  If you forgot, you still have two days to come up with a Father’s Day idea!  😉


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  1. Erica Hall permalink
    June 15, 2012 12:51 pm

    These are a lot of fun! I know your kids get excited about it..I do!

  2. June 15, 2012 3:57 pm


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