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Friday Wrap-up

June 8, 2012

What a week this has been!  I’m sitting here on Thursday night, trying to get a jump-start on this wrap-up because there is so much to include. There has been so much emotion this week, for me, that I’m probably going to sit here in tears as I type.  Fortunately, this isn’t paper and you won’t have to deal with the tear drop smudges all over the page.

On Wednesday evening, a very dear friend of mine in California, had to take  her son to the hospital after a power line fell on him.  Little Stephen is 3 1/2 years old and suffered 3rd degree burns on both of his legs.  His mom, Challice, and his grandma, Chautona, are priceless friends to me and it was terrifying to sit on the other side of the country and not know what to do to help.  I prayed like crazy.  I spent a few hours in chat with Chautona and finally gave in and went to bed around 3 a.m. hoping there would be good news in the morning.  God is so good!  Prayers were answered and Stephen has been doing well today!  The gratitude that his little life has been spared has been overwhelming today, but he has a tremendously long road of recovery ahead of him.  There is a group on Facebook that will be keeping updates on his progress, as well as a blog that has been set up.  This family is going to be facing incredible medical expenses for the next several years.  If you feel so led, there is a way through their page that you can make donations directly into their PayPal account.  I’m going to put a link on the side bar of my blog as well that will take you to that page, if you are interested.

To keep the emotion going, two other families have had me in tears this week.  One beloved friend and her husband are in Haiti this week gathering up her two newest boy blessings and bringing them home!  Their adoption journey has been both agonizingly painful and incredibly blessed.   ALL of it comes to an end this week with the final trip and the boys are HOME!   The other family is adopting from Ethiopia and have had one of the longest, drawn out waiting periods (after their approval).  They found out today that they have a court date and are in the final steps to bring their children home.  My heart goes out to adopting parents everywhere…those adopting locally and internationally.  It’s such an incredible journey that you have been called to and I’m so blessed that we get to join in part of it with you!

All of this news makes our week seem non-eventful.  School continued, despite all of my sneaking over to the computer to check for updates, and we had a parent planning meeting for a new co-op in the fall.   If you don’t know what a homeschool co-op is (hey, I didn’t until a few years ago), it is generally a group of homeschool families that get together and the parents join together and teach the kids within their interests/skill sets.  I previously participated in a co-op that was geared more toward the moms in the group having a study time together.  The kids were divided up into a few groups and we’d take turns hanging out and doing things with the kids so the moms could have that time together.  It was a large enough group, that you didn’t have to miss more than every few weeks and it worked really well for that season of my life and what I wanted/needed to get out of the group.  Now, with the bigger kids getting older, I’m looking for something a little more academic focused.  This is a new co-op and after our meeting this week, I’m really excited!  I think the kids will get a lot out of their classes and I’m not too intimidated with my own role – because the nature of a co-op is to teach something you know.

The kids are progressing with their memorization.  Sean is up to his “F” verse (Isaiah 43:1) and the two bigger kids are plugging along with The Gettysburg Address. I know somewhere I have a ton of pictures from my 6th grade class trip to Gettysburg that I’d like to show them.  Unfortunately, I have no idea where they are.  Ha!

Christopher will most likely finish up his math book next week.  He could have finished up this week, but he loved the unit on tessellations so much, he took a few extra days to make up more.  I really can’t sing the praises of Singapore math enough.  He’s such a naturally math-minded kid as it is, but their method of instruction has really allowed him to flourish.  I’ll need to look around online and find a few sites he can play some math games on until we get his new books ordered.  (We don’t break and allow time to forget all the material and have to reteach…we just keep on going!)

The other two kids still have math to keep them busy.  The core material and science will continue through the summer for everyone.  When we finished our first run through World History, I can’t say I was sad to see it go.  I’ve truly enjoyed the two years of American History and will be a little bummed to leave it behind.  Sonlight has such great books in this core and we’ve all enjoyed them.  I’ve seen the books for next year though, so I can’t stay bummed long.  It’s going to be wonderful seeing all those new books on the shelf later this fall.

In addition to school, we’re getting ready for swimming lessons in two weeks.  I never imagined the preparation it would take to get 6 kids ready for trips to the pool this summer.  (Yes, I SHOULD have imagined, but we’re not normally pool people, so this is uncharted waters.  pun intended)  I’m looking forward to lots of fun this summer, but it’s going to be crazy!   I think we finally have swimsuits for all the kids (I still need to get mine taken care of. yikes!), Blue Lizard sunscreen is on hand, new beach towels for everyone, pool passes have arrived and the hot weather is finally rolling in this weekend.  It’s crazy that we had temperatures in the 90s for Easter in April, and the first week of June it has been in the 60s-70s.


This week’s What is it? Wednesday has been SO much fun!  I think the timing of the Venus Transit this week, really helped us to trip everyone up!  It seems once the solar system comments were made, most people couldn’t get their minds to go in a different direction.  The kids were so excited at the number of guesses – and they do not mind one bit that there were a few people who guessed many times 😉  – they think that made it better!  So please feel free to come back and do it again.

I’d like to name just a couple of names before the reveal, if you can stick with me for a few more minutes.

  • Sharon wins the award for most persistence this week, however, you really were overreaching with “celery”.
  • Barbara, a bowling ball was MY favorite guess.
  • Rachel gets the award for most detailed guess with “A two-favored slushie with an m&m in it that the outer shell has melted off.”  We just want to know what the two flavors are now.  😉
  • We are very curious where many of you buy your Kool-Aid..
  • Chautona gets bonus points for the Tardis reference, simply because we love anything Dr. Who/Tardis related.  lol

Now…for the big moment!

Can you guess it now?

What about now? (going…going…)

or now?? (gone…)

This week’s picture was tri-color soap in the car wash!  (Sharon…you forgot to guess that, right?)  😉

Hope you all have a blessed weekend!


3 Comments leave one →
  1. June 8, 2012 7:28 am

    That was my next guess. Really. I just had to go to bed.

  2. June 8, 2012 7:30 am

    Thank you for the prayers!

  3. June 8, 2012 4:02 pm

    Wow, I never would’ve guessed that. Fun! Now we know what car wash soap looks like very close-up. Looking forward to next Wednesday! ; )
    I’m continuing to pray for dear little Stephen and Challice’s whole family! It’s just gut-wrenching.

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