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Friday Wrap-up

June 1, 2012

Two steps forward and three steps back.   That’s what this week felt like.  Most of the steps back were mine.  The kids had a great week and have a lot to show for it.  Of course, the same could be said for just about every aspect of parenting.  Sometimes parenting is hard, because the parent gets in the way.   There were lots of good things about this week and overall, I think we came out a bit ahead.

The week started with Memorial Day & Andrew’s birthday.  Since Andrew had the day off, we didn’t have school.  I decided a long time ago that when Daddy is home, we spend time with Daddy.  There’s time for all the other stuff when he’s working.  The rest of the week, we had a bit of a break through in the “get up and get moving” department.  Of course, I suppose, a new toy that you want to play with will do that.  Christopher got the KRE-O TRANSFORMERS OPTIMUS PRIME construction set as a belated birthday present and couldn’t wait to get started on it.  The dreaded words “when school is finished” rained on his parade.  The next morning, he was up and half way through his assignments before breakfast.  We did our core work together and school was finished by 10:30.  I love days like that.  The next day, he and Erin were both up and going before breakfast.  School whipped along like that all week.  Now that Optimus is finished, we’ll see if the motivation continues next week.

I don’t really have much else to report.  The two older kids finished their memorization of John 15:1-8 and have moved into memorizing a famous speech.  Our curriculum gave two options of The Gettysburg Address and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech. I knew which one they would choose before I even offered it to them.  (The former is less than half a page, the latter is almost two full pages.)  They’re both doing well with The Gettysburg Address.   😉

The kids complained a little that I didn’t make this week’s What is it? Wednesday difficult enough.  Several people guessed “ear” right off the bat.  Kari gets credit for guessing the entire part correctly…it was part of our Daisy’s ear.  I did crack up at Jennifer’s comment asking why the hair was growing in an upward direction.  I’m just grateful now that no one said it was one of us! HA!

Praying you all have a blessed weekend!



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