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Most wonderful time of the year…

May 29, 2012

And everyone telling you “Be of good cheer”

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

It’s the hap-happiest season of all

No, I’m not talking about Christmas…at least not in this context. Every year, a series of commercials come out in the fall.  I know you’ve seen them.  (That is, if you have tv.)  The commercial shows excited parents rushing around a store, giddy with the excitement of purchasing school supplies and patting their kids on the head, as they usher them back into the walls of higher learning.   Yes, those are some elated parents.

The commercials usually depict a few melancholy children, who are not at all amused at their parents’ antics.  They are usually dressed in drab, dark colors.  Their arms are crossed in disgust at the juvenile behavior they are seeing.  Personally, my heart breaks for those kids.   I would imagine knowing you’ve been a burr in your own parent’s side for a few months and watching them gather such joy at the mere thought of getting you out of their hair, would have to be down right depressing.

I’d like to see this company change their perspective.  They should do back-to-school from a homeschooling perspective.  We might school in our pajamas (not!), but we use pencils and crayons and all those other wonderful things.  To be sure, almost every homeschooling mother I know gets a flutter in her heart at the thought of buying supplies for the new year.  And if you REALLY want to see us go crazy…drop us in a used book sale!  WHAT BLISS!!!

I know, someone is saying it.  I know someone is saying, “Yeah, that’s the parent…but what about the kids?”  I’ll be the first to admit that when I say I’m looking at curriculum and school supplies, they groan.  I even have a standing joke with my kids.  When the Rainbow Resource catalog comes, I tease them “Yippie!  Now I can buy one of EVERYTHING!”  (Everyone who has ever seen this mega-resource is laughing.  Those of you that are scratching your head, I’ll post a picture sometime.)  I also know, not that they would admit it, they sneak my Sonlight catalog when it comes and try to find our next core.  They usually give it away with “Did you know we’re reading {insert book name} next year!?” 😉

However, talk to a homeschool kid about “box day”.

Oh dear.

I’m sorry, dear FedEx delivery driver.  Were these the same kids moaning when I mentioned ordering school?  Could you please let the poor man at least set them down before you start opening them?!?!

I sometimes wonder if the UPS and FedEx man don’t secretly like delivering our school books.  They get greeted like a hero from the time the kids can SEE the truck coming down the hill.  Why yes, of course we’ve been watching the tracking information as those beautiful boxes traveled all the way across the country to get here.  Silly folks, it’s called Geography!  “Get out the map kids!  Plot Cincinnati, OH!  That’s where the boxes are today!”

Then the boxes are open.  I’ve not had ONE year where they didn’t want to start reading right away.   I’ve not had one year when I didn’t have to ask “did someone swipe a book?” when I was checking the packing list to make sure the entire order was there.

We’re not ready for our “most wonderful day of the year” just yet.  That will be later this fall.  The commercials will never happen either…but, boy I tell you…I’d love to see it.  Watching my kids get excited about what we’re going to learn together.  It just don’t get much better than that.

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  1. May 30, 2012 8:11 am

    Our books have arrived already – I love that I “have” to pre-read my kids books all summer long. LOL 😉 Oh JOY!!

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