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Friday Wrap-up

May 25, 2012

Well, not a lot to tell this week.  “Same Song, Second Verse…A little bit louder and a little bit worse” keeps coming to mind. I just don’t think the “worse” part is true.  We had a pretty fun week!

Erin finished up meetings with her American Heritage Girls troop on Monday night and received 5 badges.  Not too bad for only just joining.  She had a lot of fun in the couple of months she did participate and is looking forward to next year.

The boys spent a good bit of energy this week creating new layouts with their Hexbug habitats.  If someone had told me that battery operated cockroaches could be so much fun, I never would have believed them.  Today they put them in plastic Easter eggs and let them scatter all over the house.  Liam and Daisy loved chasing those.

School is still plugging along.  We’re at the point where we’ll randomly be finishing things.  Christopher only has a few more weeks worth of lessons in his math book, but I won’t be surprised if he finishes it up earlier than that.  Erin and Sean aren’t that far behind him, but they have been needing extra time with new concepts, so we’ll keep at it until they’re comfortable before moving on.

Since we school year round, I try to take summer’s schedule down to lighter subjects or get in more fun things and field trips.  We’re doing swim lessons this summer as well, so that will mean more time away from home than we’re used to.  We normally go out two or three days a week, at the most.  (I mean into town, not out of the house…just in case anyone is wondering.)   So, going into town every day for a few weeks at a time will be a different schedule altogether for us.

We did spend all day today on Geography.  Our wonderful curriculum (Sonlight) came with a great World map puzzle this year.  The kids have been asking and asking to do it.  I finally got it out today and we spent 5 hours working on it.  It was fascinating for me to see what different level each kid is at in terms of working a puzzle this difficult.  The older two did great, although they did get frustrated a few times.  Sean needed a break part way through and came back at the end to help us.   Kelsie even pitched in a little before nap time and came back with the honor of getting to put in the last piece.  Now it’s in the middle of the table and I don’t want to take it apart!  I’m very proud of how well we all did.  (Yes, that includes me, because it would have been much easier to have done it without so many hands helping.  Can anyone sense that I struggle with that yet?)

Last but not least, this week’s What is it? Wednesday:

We were SO impressed with the guesses this week!  I can’t tell you how many times the kids asked me to check in and see if there were new guesses.  We liked all of them, and Erin said that she would have guessed that it was shampoo bubbles…if she hadn’t already known what it was.  The gold star this week goes to…:drum roll please:…Nancy!  It was a picture of eggs before they were scrambled.

Have great weekend!

~ Michele

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