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Location Revealed

May 14, 2012

So, our What is it? Wednesday last week was a bird’s nest.  We were hoping to get some really crazy guesses about where the nest was located, but only one person took a guess.  So, here is our totally undramatic reveal.  😉

Momma bird built her nest…if the front bumper of our Excursion.

You can even see the eggs.  The kids were very bummed that we didn’t get to bring the nest in the house and incubate the eggs until they hatched.

It was very fascinating looking at how great of a job she did anchoring the nest in there.  Unfortunately, it was  a bad location for her to choose.  We discovered the nest over a week ago, have driven several times since then, and have never seen her come back to the nest.  We did try to leave it alone when we were home and keep everyone away from that area, but she still didn’t return.

Thanks for playing along!



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