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Friday Wrap-up

April 27, 2012

Can it really be Friday already?  It seems like this week has FLOWN by.  That could be because I’ve been sick and haven’t gotten a ton accomplished.

The weather is NOT cooperating on our building plans.  We have a bedroom gutted and lumber laying in there that needs to finish being sanded.  Things were going well with the almost 80 degrees at Easter.  The several inches of snow we received this week though…not helpful.

We started a new chore plan this week.  It was super simple, but you have to start (again) somewhere, right?  Each of the 5 older kids had an assigned daily chore for the week.  This was in addition to some of the normal stuff they do, but if they did that chore up to QQCC standards, then they received a quarter to drop in their change jar (also new and part of this process).  We don’t do allowances and chores are just part of our family atmosphere…every one has them…so this was a big deal to the kids.  The older kids have other ways of earning money, but we tend to consider general chores just part of living.  In addition, each of the 5 got to be my kitchen helper for the day.  They helped pick the menu for dinner on their night and jumped in on the process of getting it all on the table.  That mostly went well.  They all love to cook.

There was one day where they all didn’t earn their quarter for the day.  That “QQCC” up there stands for Quickly, Quietly, Cheerfully and Completely.  I’m not even sure where we picked that up, but one morning the dishwasher didn’t get unloaded because of a very bad attitude.  That’s fine, we’ll work around it, but the person listed for that chore didn’t get a quarter.  The next day it was finished before everything else was.  HA!  (side note:  The family since voted to award that person their missing quarter based on their willingness to help others on their chores, without prompting, the remainder of the week.  Success!)

School went a little slow this week.  We managed to get most everything accomplished, but with me being sick, we spread a lot of it out and did a little here and there.  We still have this week’s experiments to complete, but we might get to those over the weekend.  We did get in our read-aloud every day this week and learned SO MUCH.   The Great Wheel is a story about the first—and largest—Ferris Wheel ever built.   The boys have really enjoyed this “boy” book and all the engineering aspects of the book.  We still have a little bit of it left though, and one boy in particular wishes they could leave the “girly-love-stuff” out of all these books.  😉

Memory work for the week (big two) – John 15: 1-4 & (Sean) Colossians 3:20

Next week (big two) – John 15: 1-6 & (Sean) Matthew 7:12

What is it? Wednesday (answer)
The kids (and I) would like to thank everyone for their guess on the What is it? Wednesday post.  They were very excited to wake up on Thursday and see all the guesses.  They’ve been walking around pointing out all the things we can do in the future for the last two days.  It was definitely fun!  So…without further adieu…here is the full picture!

Liam's bink (pacifier) with a paper towel behind it.

So, Kenny was the first person to guess the paper towel part correctly and Sharon guessed the pacifier first.  However, the kids felt that Jill deserved a little bit of credit for piecing together the whole picture.  Great job, guys!  (Thank you for indulging us with your guesses!)

That’s about it for us this week.  Christopher finally decided what type of cake he wants for his birthday, so now I’m on a mission because I’ve got a GREAT idea…we’ll see if I’m creative enough to pull it off.   Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


3 Comments leave one →
  1. Mamaw permalink
    April 27, 2012 6:32 am

    Congrats winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kmartin permalink
    April 30, 2012 11:58 am

    Thanks. What do I win? Make the check out to my name and have it in the mail ASAP!!!

  3. April 30, 2012 12:00 pm

    You win the satisfaction of knowing you guessed 1/2 the question correctly!!! You won’t figure out this week’s so easily. 😉

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