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Sometimes it’s the simplest of ideas

November 2, 2010

Being a full-time, homeschooling mom I’m always looking for ideas that will make life easier.  Not necessarily to make MY life easier, that’s a bonus, but I don’t want to give my kids a life full of loop-holes and easy buttons.

I want them to know how to work their way through the problem (so no calculators in math class).  They need to be able to think through different options and come to the best conclusion.  That won’t always be the most logical or most efficient, but if they have thought the process through, it will be the best solution for them.

A friend of mine told me a long time ago about “First Monday”.  For her homeschool, she keeps a list of all those nagging home jobs that just never seem to get done.  Then, once a month – on the first Monday, they spend the day tackling jobs that would otherwise get overlooked.  You know what I mean, right?

  • Dusting the ceiling fan
  • Cleaning the baseboards
  • Vacuuming out the air conditioning registers
  • Dusting and cleaning above the kitchen cabinets (ewwwww!)

…the list goes on and on and on and on.  Obviously, you can’t get it all finished in one day, but you keep the list going and just cross things off as you go and then move them to the back of the rotation.

We have a pretty busy week this week and I didn’t want to take the whole day off of school, so after we completed some basic work we moved into our “First Monday” list.  I have to admit that I decided to start this project today while we were eating breakfast, so the list was mostly in my head.  The kids didn’t know that though…shhhhhh.

Why do I do that?  Why do I constant put things off because I haven’t planned enough, or I haven’t gotten the list finished yet, or I don’t have all the supplies?  If I would just jump in and DO IT, it would be SO much easier!!

It was SO nice getting to some of the seriously neglected projects around the house.  The kids all jumped in to help (anything to use the Swiffer!) and things were looking pretty good when Daddy got home from work.

The kitchen got a good scrubbing.  We all spent time washing down the cabinets and the walls and the trash can!  EW, the trash can! It’s amazing the amount of dust that accumulates underneath the dishwasher door.  Don’t ask…but it does.  The floor gets swept often enough, but it doesn’t get washed on a regular basis.  We all strapped wash cloths to our feet and skated around today and boy is it shining tonight!  And then when the Swiffer got pulled out, one wonderful child *cough*Christopher*cough* rushed to clean his bathroom so he’d be allowed to Swiffer the bathroom floor too!

Gotta love that.

The next couple of months might be a little weird with the holidays, but I think this is definitely an idea that goes in the keeper file!

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  1. November 2, 2010 9:05 am

    Yes! Why is it so hard to get the ceiling fan dusted more than once a month? Okay… rephrase, why is it hard to just DUST?! Hahaha! I am so bad at letting some things slide and than I struggle with getting school done completely or tackling some neglected chores so I can think with a clean conscious? Sigh… Might adopt this idea of using the first Monday to clean too. Couldn’t it be called an in-service as we all learn new chores? Hehe

    Take care!

  2. November 2, 2010 9:35 am

    What a great idea! I love it. We might have to implement it into our routine. I’m visiting from Homeschool Hop. I look forward to hearing more of your ideas!


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