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Mission Complete

August 12, 2010

The kids have finished their summer reading program!  It was such a fun summer.  They all read a ton of great books (and maybe a couple that were just blah), but the deadline was August 7th and they did it!

Final results:

  • Christopher – 53 books!
  • Erin – 54 books!
  • Sean – we stopped counting at 105 books!
  • Kelsie – 52 books!  (Her’s had to be read to her.)

So, in addition to their prizes that they received from the library, they all put in the work to receive $10 from Mommy and Daddy too!

The library hosted a party to congratulate the kids on a job well done.  I took some pictures…because that’s what I do…

Christopher and Sean receiving their $5 gift card to Books-A-Million.  Woot woot!  (All the kids that didn’t win a “big” prize in the raffle got a gift card.  I think that’s pretty fabulous!)

After the prizes were handed out, the kids got to have some snacks.  There were lots of yummy things…pretzels, Goldfish, Teddy Grahams, cookies, cookies with icing…and CUP CAKES!!!  Very yummy – chocolate and vanilla – cup cakes with LOTS of yummy – blue and gold – icing on them.  It was also over 90 degrees and very high humidity.   Uh huh…

All I can say is, Praise the Lord for baby wipes!!!

You saw Sean’s picture yesterday.  Here is Erin…

Are my teeth REALLY blue??  YES!! *pumps fist*

And Christopher…can you hear what he’s thinking?  Oh boy…I sure can.

“It’s a cup cake, Mom. WHY?! are you taking my picture??”

I wish you could have seen him after he ate it.  He didn’t believe me about the icing…and he tried to wipe his face with the back of his hand.  He asked me not to post *that* picture, and I won’t, because I’m nice like that. 🙂

Michaela was braving the heat, but she was not impressed that she didn’t get a cup cake.  She enjoyed a few Teddy Grahams though…I’m not that mean.

Here is Erin and our friends E and M.  Someone else had a blue cup cake.  Yes, she did it.  (Aren’t they just adorable?)

And lastly, here are my super enthused kids.  They were so thrilled that I asked them to pose for one more picture.  I wish you could have heard their angelic voices as they said:


Congratulations, my three wonderful readers.  Since you were such good sports about the pictures, you may again see cup cakes on another day…maybe.

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  1. Mamaw permalink
    August 12, 2010 6:26 pm

    Hi kiddos……Mamaw and Papaw are so proud of all of you. Anyone who likes to read as much as you all do will go far in this world..Congratulations and I’m sure the blue cupcakes were delicious….Love you all very much…………

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