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Hope springs eternal

June 28, 2010

I’m cracking myself up…yes, with a subject like that, pun is definitely intended.  Consider yourself warned…this post is nothing but potty talk.

I can think of very few things that I dislike more than potty training.   I know, I’m a grown woman, I can get over myself already.  I’ll get there…once they are ALL potty trained.  If I had to pick one parenting challenge that is the bane to my existence, it’s potty training.

Before I had kids, I was one of those awful people who looked at a child in a diaper (in public) and thought, to myself (I at least had some sense) “That child is way to old to be in diapers!”   *laughs maniacally*  Yeah…I thought it.  I would really like to think that I never actually came out and said it to anyone, but I’m human and I’ve put my foot in my mouth over less, so if someone did ask my advice, I probably said something.

*Note to anyone that I may have offended in my tactless lack of wisdom* I’m sorry.  Seventy times seventy times over, I am sorry.

So…I had Christopher and was pregnant with Erin.   Everyone kept asking me if I was going to potty train him before the baby came.  “Can you do that??  He’ll only be 17 months old.”  Apparently, there are people who potty train newborns…so yes, you can do that.  Not me, I had Erin and I had two in diapers.  It actually wasn’t that bad.  After the initial newborn stage, you just line them up and change them at the same time.  Our Diaper Genie got a work out, but it was kind of fun laughing about that garbage bag of diaper sausage links every time we emptied it.  Yeah, life was good.

Christopher turned two and started going potty on his own.  How AWESOME is that?!?!  We’d sit him on it, he’d go.  It was fascinating.  I had been hearing the worst horror stories you can imagine (and if you’re a parent, I’m sure you’ve heard them too) about how hard boys were to potty train.  I was NOT looking forward to this new stage of parenting.  BUT, he was interested, so here we go.  I bought him some underwear and we hung out near the bathroom watching cartoons.  The house we were in at the time had old outdoor carpeting in the basement, so that worked out wonderful — I wasn’t paranoid about him ruining the carpet.  So, there he stood in the middle of the floor in nothing but his underwear and my flip-flops.  Man, I wish I could find that picture!  And…he peed…and it pooled in my flip-flops around his feet.

I have N.E.V.E.R. seen anyone more mortified in my life.

He screamed and I grabbed him and ran for the bathroom.  He never peed in his pants again.  Within two days he had the whole system down and I want to say night-time training was done within a month.

DUDE.  If boys are HARD to potty train…bring on Erin.


I don’t think I could type enough about Erin.  I will say this.  I had Sean.  I had two in diapers again.   Erin finished day time training before Kelsie was born, but still wore Pull-ups at night.  We tried a lot with her.  The thing that finally clicked was no milk after noon.  Don’t ask me, I don’t know.  Several people mentioned that dairy caused wetting problems, so we decided to cut her back and as soon as we did, she started being dry at night.  If we forgot (or she conned someone into milk at dinner time) she wet the bed.

So, here we go again.  Christopher and Erin were fully potty trained.  Sean and Kelsie in diapers.  I tried a few times with Sean in Pull-ups and honestly, it just wasn’t worth it.  I reassured myself that he wouldn’t go to college in diapers and we moved on.  At some point though, he decided he wanted big boy pants.  I thought, “Cool!  If he’s deciding he wants them then this should be easy.”

*insert manic laughter again*

The problem with that was, he didn’t care if they were WET big boy pants.  *rolls eyes*  I should have paid myself a quarter every time I said “Sean, are you sitting there in wet underwear?  Doesn’t that BOTHER you?”  *sigh* …Apparently not.

The good news was…he won’t go to college in diapers.  He finally did get it.  He is still in Good-Nites for overnight, but is waking up dry more and more frequently, so I’m going to say he’ll probably be out of them by fall.

Currently, I have Kelsie and Michaela.  Yup, two in diapers again.  I must really like that pattern.  Kelsie has shown a couple of windows that she’s heading in the direction of potty training.  We’re giving it a go, but I’m not convinced she’s ready yet.  That’s the whole purpose of this blog post…to reassure myself (via a walk down memory lane) that she won’t go to college/or get married in diapers.  She will eventually potty train.

I’m getting a head start on Michaela though.  I sat her on the potty tonight before her bath, just to keep her from climbing head first into the tub.  She went!!  WOO HOO!!

HOPE is a GLORIOUS thing. 😉


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