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So, are you done?

June 8, 2010

Yes, ladies and gentleman, that would be the million dollar question these days…

So, are you done?

Everyone from the mail carrier, to our neighbors, to the check out clerk at Wal-Mart can’t wait to find out if we are done with school for the year.  Yes, I’m being very purposeful in saying “done” because that is what is being asked.  We smile and answer each time, but in my mind I have all sorts of answers (and I can blame wonderful teachers…like my mother and my 3rd grade teacher…for all of them).

Done?  I didn’t know you were in the oven. (yeah, that one is a favorite)

Done?  What have you done?

Done?  I think I’m still a little under cooked.

Done?  OH…you mean finished.

Now, I do know that done is a standard expression for completed or finished.  I even looked it up once when I was in school just to make sure. does list it as an adjective that means “completed; finished; through” and under usage notes explains that it has been used this way since the 14th century.  So I find it very odd, even knowing this information, I can’t just let it go.  My mind still wants to ask if they are in the oven.  It just goes to show that education does have an impact…all of it…the good, the bad, and the done.

Oh, and I suppose I can answer the question here too.  We school year round.  I’m not sure we ever really set out to do it that way, but it’s where we’ve landed for now and it works.  We enjoy taking breaks throughout the year (especially when all the public school kids are IN school and lines are shorter!) and like knowing that during weeks like this one, where we are watching an extra little one, we can pause school and play and pick it up next week.

We still do all the fun summer stuff too…just not during the heat of the day.  During the hottest hours we’re most likely indoors-while the babies nap-living, learning and loving it!!

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