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Live and learn

May 13, 2010

Isn’t it wonderful when life teaches us a lesson?  Isn’t it wonderful when we teach our kids something and they remember that lesson…every time?  Isn’t it wonderful when we see the fruit of our labor?

Yeah.  It’s wonderful.

Isn’t it great when we’ve forgotten a lesson because it has been a LONG time since it was last an issue?  Isn’t it great when we don’t have to relearn something because we already know…and remember?

Yeah.  It’s great.

Isn’t it sweet when there is no one there to witness our shortcomings?  Isn’t it sweet when we can learn silently and move on to the next lesson?

Yeah.  It’s sweet.

And then there are the times when we don’t learn from our mistakes…or we learn, but simply forget.

Yeah.  Not so wonderful.  Not so great.  Not so sweet.

Fifteen years ago, my grandmother gave me the most awesome set of canisters at my wedding shower.  I love those canisters.  They are white, and square, and beautiful.  They fit great in every space I’ve ever put them in.  They match (of course they do, they are white) every kitchen I have ever had.  They seal SO tight and I don’t have to worry about ants and moths and other things finding their unwanted way into my lovely canisters.

The only real issue I have with them, they are a pain to clean.  Every so often I think “wow, these could really use a good cleaning.”  I’ll get out a clean wash cloth and start washing them down and think “not good enough, I need to take those brackets off so I can clean under them.”

*note* Somewhere, my mom is reading this and groaning because she knows what is coming.  Hi mom.

It has been a couple of years now since I last tried to clean these lovely canisters.  My mom was visiting and offered to help.  We took all four of them apart, emptied them out and washed them clean.  Then we cleaned the brass brackets til they shone.  It was a sight to behold!

Then…oh yeah…I remember now…we tried to put them back together.  I remember thinking it would be easier to throw said canisters in the trash than put them back together.  It didn’t matter how much I love those canisters.  It’s just a canister, after all.  It’s just stuff.  I can get more stuff.  Stores sell stuff everywhere.  Right?

Insert…my amazing mom.  I love my mom.

After some time, we (ahem…my mom) figured out how to get them back together without a sledge-hammer.  (That’s a good thing because I’m not sure ceramic would hold up to a sledge-hammer anyway.)  And, to give credit, I think I remember Andrew stepping in and helping mom…I love them both.

Fast forward a few years to today.  I was cleaning off my counter top and noticed that my canisters needed to be cleaned.  Yeah.  You can guess.  I know you can.

FORTUNATELY, this was one of those times where I really did learn my lesson.  I was JUST starting to take the first one apart and something in my mind flashed back to the previous incident and reminded me that I really did not want to do that.  It all came flooding back like one huge brick upside the head.

It took a little longer than I had hoped, but my lovely canisters are back to their beautiful clean condition, and I didn’t need to consider the sledge-hammer.

Aren’t they lovely? 🙂

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  1. Teresa permalink
    May 13, 2010 2:02 am

    Very lovely! : ) So glad you remembered in time!

  2. Jeniver permalink
    May 13, 2010 2:32 pm

    Lovely!!! I have some very similar canisters…green and round but very close, and I have cleaned and cleaned and never thought to take them apart to get those little spots. Thank you for sharing your lesson learned and remembered.

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