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Try-it-out Thursday

April 22, 2010

Um…okay.  I really thought this was a joke.  I immediately did a few searches and discovered that it is indeed true.  So, in regard to “try-it-out” Thursday, I’m gonna just pass and not even pretend.

You have got to be kidding me.  Chocolate “Toddler” formula?    I have no words.

Actually, that’ s not true…I have the words…I’m just not sure I can say them.

Enfagrow…GROW is right.  I admit I have healthy big babies.  They get that way from healthy nursing.  Even if they got that way from healthy formula…seriously?  CHOCOLATE for a toddler formula?

This is seriously disturbing.  Maybe our First Lady should be notified of this stuff so she can shut it down in her childhood obesity campaign.

If parents are concerned that their kids aren’t getting proper nutrition after they’ve moved on from formula, then maybe they should try feeding their kids REAL food.  Vegetables, whole grains…REAL foods.

Yeah…let’s crack a few more jokes about how kids in this country are obese and really sit back and wonder how they got there.  Wake up people!  STOP THE INSANITY!!!

*rant over…for now*

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