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April 15, 2010

Earlier this year, we joined the homeschool co-op that meets at our church.  It’s been a great time for me to spend some time with other homeschooling moms and for the kids to learn and play with their friends.  Yesterday, I crept out for a few minutes when the baby was fussy and took a few pictures.  It was a few moments of fun for me to watch them when they didn’t realize it.  Moments like that don’t last long though.  Kids have radar…and they know when they’re being watched.

Sean’s group was learning about bees.  He was working on constructing his very own bee when I peeked in on him.  He has been taking great joy saying the word “thorax”.

The topic for the week in Erin’s group was the human body.  They did several different activities (put together a body puzzle, colored pictures of the brain and heart) and finished with a snack of wonderful fruit.  It helps a body grow strong!

Christopher has been in heaven this rotation.  The older boys are working with Lego robots from NASA.  He’s been fascinated with robots for years now and I’m not sure there is an activity he would enjoy more.

We only have three more weeks to go before we break for the summer, but the kids are already asking about next year.  Thank you to the amazing group of moms who have worked so hard to make this great!

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  1. April 17, 2010 7:41 am

    W0w! Sean has grown up so much and now looks like a mini carbon copy of Andrew!

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