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Friendship & Promises

July 17, 2009

Last night I had the rare opportunity to get together with some wonderful women from church for a time of fellowship together.  It was nice.  Oh, who am I kidding?  The last few days were really tough and it was GLORIOUS.  There’s just something about being in a group of Christian women and knowing that it’s safe.  We talked about everything imaginable.  We laughed.  We shed a few tears.  We even tried very hard to not talk about the kids nonstop.  Between the nine or ten of us that were there, we have almost thirty children…so kids did get brought up, but it’s nice to be able to have ‘adult conversation.’ 

"Come to me…"

Now, having said that, I’m not a huge believer in ‘me time’ to get away from the family.  I have searched and can’t find the scripture to back it up.  I do like having time to unwind when I need it.  I like having wonderful moments of solitude and wonderful moments of fellowship.  I also love that God provides those times when I’m starting to feel at the end of my rope, but hard as I may try sometimes, I just don’t see any promises of ‘me time’ in scripture. 

"all who are weary…"

The group of moms that I met with last night, I had met through our wonderful group of MOPS at church.  For the last year, I have stepped away from MOPS and focused more on homeschooling with the two older kids.  I loved my season at MOPS and it was very difficult to step away, but I do feel that God has given me a blessed calling to be the keeper of my home and I feel like I’m finally starting to manage that a little more successfully. 

"and burdened…"

These days it is very easy to be tired…to be weary…to be burdened.  This particular pregnancy has been hard and long with the excessive morning sickness and swelling and now the swelling that seems to be a result from the heat.  I am entering into the third trimester now and since I tend to have big babies…that means I get bigger too.  (drat!)  But I very much enjoy feeling our "Jelly Bean" kicking around inside.  I love watching my stomach move around as she rolls in the evenings after I eat dinner.  I know that all too soon those moments will be gone and I’m trying to soak them up and enjoy them for all they are worth. 

"and I will give you rest."

Praise God for His promises.  Praise God for His love for us.  Praise God for the assurances that He give us in His word.  He will give us rest.  He will give us rest. 

Matthew 11:28
Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
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  1. jdehaven619 permalink
    July 17, 2009 11:17 pm

    Hi, I really needed this post dear. Check out my last 2 entries of my blog.

    You are a blessing to me. I just said a quick prayer for you for an easier time and easy and healthy birth.

    Chicken Girl

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