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Fiesty Friday

May 28, 2009

Okay, time to catch everyone up on how things are going around the Korner.

Starting with the head of our domain – Andrew!  He would probably tell you that nothing has changed in his boring life, but he would be very very wrong.  It is true that he’s still working two jobs and keeping our household a float, but he does so much more than that!  The weather is warmer, so his ‘free’ time is tied up with mowing and yard work and lots of outside activities for the kids.  Last weekend alone he was seen being pulled kicking and screaming toward the pond with fishing poles in hand.  Over Mother’s Day, flowers were planted around the yard and some have survived the frost and deer and others haven’t.  He doesn’t lose heart though!  There are bikes to be fixed and vehicles to be maintained…he’s right there handling it all!  Wow…I love that man!!!

Next…mommy…oh that’s boring…I’ll come back to mommy.

What’s not boring??  KIDS!!!  Kids are never boring!  I’ll let the little ladies go first.

Kelsie.  What an angel this 18 month old wonder is!  I can’t tell you the number of times every day she brings a smile to our faces.  I am so blessed by the joy she brings to my world.  She has two great loves…food and being outside.  I really think she’d be willing to have 10 meals a day.  I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that she’ll turn down in the way of food and she loves, LOVES to come help in the kitchen.  She reminds me of a puppy that’s hoping crumbs will be dropped.   As for outdoors, I have visions of Maria from The Sound of Music dancing on a hilltop.  If she thinks she can manage a way to get out during the day, she’s out the back door in a flash.  I’ve started locking the screen doors to keep her from sneaking out when no one is looking.  I bought her a pair of crocs a couple weeks ago and she’s constantly bringing them to someone hoping we’ll put them on her and let her run free.

Erin.  Earlier in the spring, Erin asked us if she could play soccer.  She wasn’t one that I pegged as the soccer type, but she really enjoyed having an activity of her own.  Her team consisted of 4 boys that have all played for a few years and 3 girls.  It didn’t take long to realize that the boys ran, and managed the ball, well enough that the girls could hang out as goalie and not spend their time running.  Tell me that’s not smart!  As the season went on and she built up a little endurance, she liked running more…but goalie was her favorite spot.  I’m not sure if she’ll continue next season or not, but she had a great time and that was worth it. 

and now for the boys!

Sean. There is just something about boys at 4 years old.  Okay, there’s something about boys at every age, but four seems to be such a magical age.  As the third kid, it’s fun watching him develop his own likes and dislikes…and he’s got NO problem letting you know which category something falls into.  Presently, the categories look much like this:

Dinosaurs Cheese
Robots Cheese
Pizza Cheese
Spaceships Cheese
Heroes Bad Guys (and cheese)

Over the last week, he has also decided that he wants to be a fisherman when he grows up.  I asked him what a fisher man does. 

"Goes on a boat and brings back a lot fish."

We can’t help but laugh about this, considering he won’t touch fish.  Just look at this face. 

Man.  How did my boy get to be 8?  I’d call him my baby, but he might read this and that would lead to moans and groans like you would not believe, so I’ll just call him boy.  Of course, he does have a point.  Is it really fair to call him my baby (yes, for me it is) when he’s 4′ 10" at just 8 years old?  He doesn’t think so.  Sigh…

Anyway, the boy finished his first year of Cub Scouts.  In a few weeks, he and daddy will be enjoying a whole week of scout camp where they do all sorts of ‘boy’ things.  I’m all for it.  Let the men, be men I say!  We aren’t sure if we’re going to continue with scouts beyond this year or not.  With where we live the pack is really small and it hasn’t been the productive experience that we had been hoping for.  We’ll keep looking though.  I’m sure we’ll find something that serves as an outlet for him and ALL his energy.  Eventually…

Here is Christopher receiving his trophy after placing 3rd in the council pinewood derby race.  He’s the same age as the boys next to him.  Woah. 

School is still going for Christopher and Erin.  I had hoped to finish up in June, but with morning sickness and two months of the little ones being sick, we’re catching up.  We had our standardized testing in March and those scores should be back soon.  Once we get those into the school board, we’re good for another year.  I’m planning on starting Sean in the fall with some basics.  He’ll still be four, but since he’s picking up reading on his own…might as well strike now while the iron is hot!

Jelly Bean & Me.  Our newest addition is continuing to grow on schedule!   I’ve had several ultrasounds in the last 6 weeks.  I developed something called a subchorionic hemorrhage and had several visits to check and see if it resolved itself.  Basically, it was a small bleed on the placenta, but it appears to have resolved itself and all is well.  I’m just over 21 weeks now and I’d like to tell you if we’re having a boy or a girl, but despite all the peeks we’ve been able to get…we haven’t been able to see THAT yet. 

I have another ultrasound in a few weeks, so maybe then.  Otherwise, things are progressing great…almost too great.  At about 10 weeks I started asking about the prospect of twins.  All the scans show only one, but I look like I’m about ready to have this baby already.  Ha!  I guess it’s all in where internal parts shift around and end up, but I could have tolerated not "popping" as fast as I did.

Just because I know you’ll think I’m exaggerating…this is me 6 weeks ago at 15 weeks along.

The only other big change for me has been a haircut.  I had almost 20 inches of hair cut off and I’m enjoying having my hair short for now.  I know me, it’ll be long again…probably soon..but for now the easy maintenance and not constantly trying to find a pony tail holder where I can pull it out of my face is a blessing!

So, that’s all on us.  We’d love to hear how everyone else is doing.  Drop us a line and let us know!

God Bless!

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    May 29, 2009 9:25 pm

    Great update and read!…Rachel

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