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Manic Monday

June 23, 2008

What is it about Monday??  I really enjoy weekends.  I didn’t used to. I used to see weekends as a chance to get the house ALL clean and ready for the next week and well, it drove me nuts.  I’d never rest.  Not anymore.  Especially on Sunday.  I try really hard to do very little in the way of work and just enjoy having Andrew home and the kids around.  It’s great.  But then Monday hits and by 11:00 in the morning, I look like this:

Today was no different.  I believe Kelsie is working on her first teeth.  She’s 7 months old now and doesn’t have any yet.  I’m okay with that.  But Christopher didn’t get his first ones until 8 months and teething was HORRIBLE for him.  He’d scream for hours on end.  I love the Hyland’s Teething Tablets though, and those do help.  It’s just that the crying is enough to break mommy’s heart!  Normally when we get up in the morning, Kelsie will spent a couple of hours playing on the floor while we do breakfast and some school etc.  These days she is cranky when she wakes up and stays that way all the way until her morning nap around 10:30.  If I have any hair left by the time she gets teeth, I’m sure it will be gray.

The other aspect of Monday (at least today) that has me pulling my hair out is potty training.  If there is one aspect of parenting (yes, there is OH so many more) that I dislike, it would be potty training.  I’d put it off until they are in college if I could.  Some kids were easier (Christopher) than others (the rest of them), but I’m not sure Sean grasps the concept yet.  He’s wearing underwear and plastic pants during the day and if I tell him to go potty, he will.  If I don’t tell him to go, he will go…just in his pants!  If you ask him if he has to go, the answer is "No, I’m not wet yet."  Logic isn’t helping me any either.  Grrrrrrrr…  To give the boy credit though.  I told him this morning to go and he gave me the glazed over look that tells me he’s getting ready to say "Um, I just did" and he said "Okay, I go before I wet!"  and took off.  Maybe….just maybe…{seeing the glimmer of hope here, even if it doesn’t truly exist.}

Personally, I’m doing well.  I turn another year older tomorrow and I think I lost a few years on the way to church yesterday.  I was driving and there was a wild turkey on the side of the road that decided to take flight just as we were approaching.  I’m not quite sure HOW I didn’t hit it head on with the windshield, but I know it was as close as it could have been.  Totally terrified me!  I did take last week off from the blog (and just about everything else too) but I did start up the diet again last week.  I’m doing really well and lost 6 pounds this week!  Now….to keep it up for the next three years and I might just get down to an acceptable weight.  HA!

Otherwise, we’re still working on finishing up school for the year.  We do a year round plan, so we aren’t behind, but I like being satisfied that this year is officially done and we’ll take a small break before starting up next year.  Christopher’s reading has really picked up.  He’s got 1 math test left and he’s done with 1st grade math.  We’ve gotten his test scores back and I need to get those into the Board of Ed before the month is over, so all-in-all we have had a great first grade year!  I’m hoping to do a trip to the zoo this summer and maybe a camping trip too.

I’m sure I could ramble on about more things, but that’s about it from our end!  Hope everyone else is doing great and enjoying summer!!


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  1. kimbercup permalink
    June 24, 2008 5:08 pm

    Today is the 24th, so Happy Birthday. My Angel in Heaven shares it with you.

    And let me tell you about those wild turkeys, there in WV. A few years ago we were driving along, when all of the sudden…this turkey flew right into the Jeep. Broke the headlight, hit the hood and windshield and off it landed on the side of the road. It scared us so bad, all the kids were sceaming.
    Please be careful!
    Jill (the big sister)

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