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Monday's Musings

June 9, 2008

It dawned on me today that I’ve been interested in blogging about a lot of little things and have never gotten around to them.  I love posting my pictures, but I love hearing myself talk (in my head as I type) too.  So, hang on to your seats, this could be a bumpy ride! 

For starters — Summer.  What is going on?  It’s only the second week of June and it’s already so hot that I get hives just thinking about leaving the house.  Yes, I am an extreme weather wimp.  I dislike the cold of winter and I dislike the hottest hot of summer.  Seriously, 98 degrees already.  And the humidity?!  I’m taking suggestions for climates that have no humidity and stay around 75 degrees all year.  That would about as close to heaven as you can get on earth for me.

Secondly, simply because I must.  An open letter to the employees of Wal-Mart (specifically the one pretty close to my house):

Dear Hard Working Employees,

I do apologize for my actions yesterday.  I had no intention of that happening (twice) or I never would have left home, let alone decided to go grocery shopping.  Again, I can’t thank you enough for your graciousness concerning my inability to remove myself from the situation (twice) – or at least remove the situation from the middle of the store (twice).  I hope you know that in all honesty, I was as caught off guard and surprised as you were.  I was also as grossed out as you were.  It was NEVER my intent for you to have to clean it up, either.  Seriously.  Truly.  I do appreciate what you did, but believe me when I tell you that you went above and beyond any duty your paycheck may have held you to.   I am fully embarrassed, but I do feel much better today.  I think it was just a reaction to the heat and air conditioning climate changes.  At least I hope…

A no longer throwing up customer.


Have I told you about BzzAgent yet? I’m a member, and I thought you might like to be one too (joining is free). I get to try lots of new products and services at no cost with samples, coupons and stuff like that. Then I make my voice heard by sharing my honest opinions with others, including some of the largest companies in the world.   You earn cool rewards through too and that is a great perk!  Want to learn more and sign up to join in the fun?  You can visit their web page or I can send you a referral, just drop me a line with your email address and I’ll Bzzz it right over to you!  (corny, I know, but I’m in a weird mood).  LOL

Okay, I’ll close this post for now.  There’s more, but I’m thinking that I like the Monday’s Musings…so I’d better save a few ideas for next week! 


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    June 10, 2008 8:35 am


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