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Spring Cleaning

October 27, 2007

Well, I guess if you can have a "Christmas in July" celebration then I can have a "spring cleaning" in October!  I’m simply amazed at the nesting that I’ve been doing lately…especially considering it’s hard to find a comfortable way to move!  I cleaned out the section next to my side of the bed to make room for the bassinet and that’s good to go.  Now I have to finish our bed room so I can move on to other rooms.  The hall closet seriously needs cleaned and I need to swap the kids clothes into the other bedrooms.  The closet in the boy’s room has been storage for the last few years, but I need that space now, so we have to decide what to do with all that stuff.  AND I MEAN STUFF!  Why do things have to be sentimental?? 

On the pregnancy front, I’m pretty regular with having contractions in the evenings after dinner now and the baby has definitely gotten lower.  I don’t expect anything to happen SOON, but I need to get things ready for when they do happen.  It’s hard to believe it’s time already.  However, I am VERY ready to meet this little girl and start the next chapter in our family life.  The kids are growing impatient with me lately.  They want an answer every morning to "is this the day that the baby comes?!" and are very disappointed when I say "nope, not yet…"  I know that the day will come though when we look back and can’t imagine or remember our lives before she came. 

Thank you, God for all the blessings that You give us each and every day!!!

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