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October 15, 2007

A young man from our church went hiking with his parents yesterday (as they often do) and he’s now missing!  Jacob is 18 and severely autistic.  There have been search & rescue teams, with dogs, as well as a National Guard helicopter involved with this search.  Yesterday’s search was suspended when night fell, but resumed early this morning.  Please Lord deliver Jacob back to his parents safe and sound! 

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  1. Agsd7 permalink
    October 15, 2007 5:39 pm

    This is so sad, I'm so sorry to hear Jacob is missing. I will be praying for his safe return and for all his family as well.

    Thank you for letting us know.


  2. Isabella permalink
    October 15, 2007 6:22 pm

    I have prayed and will continue. I

  3. Heidi permalink
    October 16, 2007 8:35 am

    I have been in search and rescue with my two k-9’s for 10 plus years so I know how these things go. I am praying for Jacob and his family. Please let us know when he’s found.

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