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Big Shoes and Little Teeth

September 14, 2007

We have been having a time with Sean the last two days.  It is so hard to get school work done with a little one that LOVES to make people laugh!  His favorite activity the last few days has been to put on a pair of daddy’s dress shoes and walk around the house.  When one of us finally says "what are you doing?", he responds with "I’m Daddy!" 


I’m still getting used to the newest milestone with Christopher.  I knew he’d grow up someday, but I’m not ready to see him as anything less than my "baby" still.  Sigh…those little baby teeth seemed SOOO big to us when he was cutting them and now as they are starting to come out (he lost #3 tonight) they seem so TINY.  Boy if it doesn’t pull on the heartstrings!!  Of course, he’s so CUTE with that top tooth missing now and he was beyond hysterical trying to say "I look RIDICULOUS!" tonight without listening to the hiss between his teeth.  I imagine in the next couple of days that other top one will be out and he’ll be able to sing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!" 

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