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Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

September 11, 2007

Wow!  Week 2 of school and we’re still going great.  The kids are having fun.  I’m having fun.  We’re doing a lot and getting a lot done, which totally surprises me.  I’m loving my schedule, even if we don’t get it all done in a day.  I LOVE that it’s manageable at this point and we’re having fun with it.  Christopher was struggling with his subtraction families, but I found some neat worksheets and puzzles and he flew through them like crazy today and even asked for more! 

Erin loves being a big girl and getting her books out when her brother does.  At this point she still spends a good deal of the day coloring and doodling, but she’s being good and she is learning! 

We tried something new with their L/A arts today and they were on opposite sides of the art easle trying to copy what the other one was doing.  They were just writing their words, but it was SOOO funny watching them.  We might have to keep trying that idea once in a while.

Funny for the day:
  I read the "Goose that laid the golden eggs" to the kids this morning and the moral of the story was "don’t be too greedy" but I was supposed to let them try and figure it out for themselves.  (For those of you that don’t know, in the story the farmer was rich enough, but wanted more eggs.  He decided to not wait for a new egg every day and just kill the goose, cut it open and get all the eggs at once.)  When I asked Christopher what the moral of the story was he said:

"If something is giving you something you like, don’t kill it and cut it open just to get more.  Once it’s dead the good stuff is gone." 

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