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Just around the Korner

July 30, 2007

Goodness!!!  I thought summer was busy.  I really did.  I can’t believe that it’s August and time to start planning for another year of school and MOPS and everything else under the sun!  Every day I wake up with such big ideas of all the things I’m going to get done and I barely scrape the basics.  Thankfully, my family is patient and just as our Father in Heaven watches over and forgives our MANY mistakes, they are being just as patient with me. 

I have spent the last two weeks REALLY trying to focus more and more on what it is God would like my home to be and then doing it.  Small steps are getting me there.  I tend to be a bit of a project perfectionist though and it’s getting in the way.  For example, our house doesn’t have much in the way of storage space.  That would be fine, but we have a lot of things to store.    I constantly feel like I am drowning under paperwork of some sort.  There are boxes of it being uncovered that were just shoved into closets when we moved in here 4 years ago.  However, with another baby on the way, I need that space for other things.  So, baby steps. 

I started with our master bedroom closet.  This is where most everything gets dumped when we can’t find anywhere else to put it.  We have two rather large toolboxes, a drill set and a tackle box in the closet.  Perfect place for them right?  LOL  The worst part is we can never find what we need because there is just too much stuff.  This project could be an all day thing.  With the littles running around though locking myself in our bathroom to work on the closet isn’t exactly going to work.  So, I broke it down.  We’ll start with the floor.  After the kids went down for their naps on Saturday I went to work.  It was a mess.  There were more things than I could even begin to remember we had, let alone knew they were there.  OY!  I did a fairly good job too, but now that the floor is clean I don’t want to put the "extra" stuff back in there.  So, I have a small pile in the middle of the bathroom floor that DH needs to go through so we can get rid of it or find a real place for it.  I know I’m fighting a loosing battle.  I know it will end up scooted right back into that closet the first time someone visits.  Until then, we’ll both ignore it.  There’s an elephant in the room folks! 

Otherwise things are going well here.  We finally got some rain and the butterfly garden is taking some shape.  Most of the flowers are ready to be planted now and join the butterfly bushes that are already showing their first blooms.  The kids are doing great.  Sean is coming along with talking finally and is enjoying having the speech therapist come in once a week.  Hopefully by the time he ages out of the program he’ll be talking up a storm!!  It’s hard to believe I’m 22 weeks already.  I keep thinking 18 weeks isn’t that far to go! 

I hope everyone is doing well!!  Enjoy the last of summer.  I’m sure it’ll be cold weather and snow soon enough.  God bless!!


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