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Life on the Korner

June 22, 2007

June has been such an amazing month for us!  Things are going well and the weather has been great so the kids and I have been spending  a lot of time outside soaking it up!  DH and the kids are working on a Butterfly Garden.  We have one corner of our lot that is rather bogged down in brush and is at an angle that is difficult for DH to mow, so he wanted to do something with it and it just seemed like a perfect project for the kids (or the little "dirt diggers" as they are getting to be called).  DH has been inspired on this project!  He ordered the seeds instead of the plants and they are currently in a tub waiting to germinate.  This is the plan that he is using:  Butterfly Garden.  He took some before pictures of the ground, so I’ll be able to post those and give progress reports as he goes.

I truly love this time of year.  I don’t really ever see DH and I living as far out in the sticks as I did as a kid, but we’re in a good spot nonetheless.  We have seen so many aspects of nature in wild animals this year that it’s been like having our own little zoo to watch.  The deer have been around a lot more this year than in the past (less room for them to hide) and we’ve seen one buck in the back yard and just a few days ago a momma doe and her twin fawns (they couldn’t have been more than a week) were grazing just in front of the house.  Since we have no real traffic to worry about we can sit and watch them and as long as we don’t spook them they seem okay with our silent observation.

Something new that we have seen this year is a couple of fox cubs.  I know we don’t want to get close, but the kids have loved watching them play!  The first time we noticed them they were playing "King of the Mountain" on a sand pile a couple of lots away.  One cub would climb up on top and the other would pounce and knock the sibling off.  A couple of days later they had ventured over into our back yard and snuck out of the tree line to play under the shade trees for a bit before darting back off into the woods.  I don’t figure we’ll see much more of them since they are getting bigger but they sure are cute!

I am feeling very well with the pregnancy and the morning sickness is pretty much all gone now!  PRAISE the Lord!!  I don’t know if I’ve ever remembered it being gone this early in a pregnancy before, but the doctors say that "wiggle worm" is growing just fine!  We’ve had appointments with genetics doctors and there is no indication that there is a genetic issue to worry about (we weren’t worried anyway!) so we get to avoid the "high risk" label after having a stillborn last year. 

In a couple of days I get to turn another year older and celebrate my birthday.  It’s hard to believe that this time last year (June 30th to be exact) we found out that we were expecting Joshua and now we’re expecting again this year.  I know that it would most likely be different if Joshua had survived and made it until his due date, but at the same time it just shows what wonderful blessings God has in store for us and we are most willing to accept!!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer!  In His Love,

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  1. clairebear permalink
    June 22, 2007 3:53 pm

    children are such a blessing. its good to hear that your sickness is gone. I know I was glad last year when mine finally left. have a great day.

  2. mccrjill permalink
    June 22, 2007 8:19 pm

    your blog is enjoyable to read – sounds like fun living in midst of nature & animals. We have some here, but lots of people, cars, neighbors & barking dogs. I'm used to it though.
    I left a comment to answer your comment on that picture of the artist – no, dh just took the picture without asking, but the artist is often there, so he wants to go back and give him a copy of the picture, if he wants it.
    Hope all goes well with your little one & your family. The Lord bless you all! Jill

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