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R&R weekend

April 20, 2007

Last weekend DH and I were able to get away for a few days alone and just enjoy some time resting.  What a wonderful blessing that was for us!  My mom took the kids for 3 nights (BLESS YOU MAMAW!) and they had a wonderful time visiting with her.  Andrew and I had been hoping for better weather so we could do some of the fun things that came along with our stay, but due to freezing rain, snow and sleet, we didn’t do a whole lot.  We were able to spend some time planning the rest of this year’s homeschooling (we want to school year round) and incorporating Erin into what we are already doing with Christopher.  I ordered her Horizon’s K Math and the new language arts for both of them from Sonlight and it should be here by next week!  I’m so excited!

It was hard to return home and find that a dear friend had been through a tragedy with her youngest son on Friday night.  Knox is not even 18 months yet and he may be leaving our world.  His mom found him in the bathtub and without a conclusive EEG (some of his medications are interferring with obtaining an accurate test) there is no way of knowing if he has any brain stem activity.  We are continuing to pray without ceasing for this wonderful family and their little boy.


In addition to Knox we have been praying for the events that have unfolded at Virginia Tech this week.  Our hearts go out to all of those families that have lost loved ones and for the students on campus as they cope with such a horrific event.

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