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"I'm dreaming of a …"

April 7, 2007

"I’m dreaming of a white Easter?"    So far we haven’t had any accumulation, but it’s freezing and the snow is blowing everywhere.  Isn’t God’s creation amazing!!!  As much as I am ready for warm weather, I love that it’s never what we expect and I’m sure soon enough the weather man will be apologizing that it’s hot hot hot with no end in sight. 

Erin is so excited about tomorrow and getting to wear her little pink Easter dress, along with her pink Easter hat and carrying her…you guessed it…pink Easter purse.  When I asked her today if she minded that she’s going to have to wear her coat, her answer was "can I wear my pink one?"  Guess she’s on a bit of a pink kick these days.    I’m not sure where she gets her girly girly tendencies…definitely not from ME! 

I went through the resurrection eggs with the kids tonight.  It was funny since we don’t actually have a set.  I took some plastic eggs that we had here in the house and had the kids help me make our own set.  I’d like to get some for next year, but  it worked in a pinch and the kids loved it. 

I also found that for getting dye off of your kids hands you can use Lava soap (a suggestion that we found on the net) or you can use Gojo that daddy keeps on hand for after he’s worked on the car.  I’m so glad they don’t have green/blue hands and fingers to match (or NOT match) their dressy clothes for tomorrow.

Christopher is really hyped up for celebrating tomorrow.  He watched the Passion with me last week and was awestruck through the whole thing.  He loves the song "He’s Alive" and has been singing it all week.  I love watching his face when he talks about it and listening to him tell Erin all about it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoys Ressurection Sunday in whatever manner/traditions or lack thereof that they have!

Our prayers are with you all!

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