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What a week!!

March 27, 2007

Things are chugging along!!  We’ve got three more days of dress rehearsals and it’ll be here!  We had an accident last night and one of our Temple Guards fell off of stage into the orchestra pit.  He stepped over Jesus during the beating scene and his knee dislocated.  He lost his balance and fell backwards into the pit.  Fortunately he fell in the right place!  The keyboard player is an ER doc and one of the disciples is an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in knees!  Okay, so there’s no good place to fall, but I guess if you’ve got to do it…it’s as good as any.  He’s doing well, but unfortunately he won’t be able to finish out the week.  The cast issue wasn’t a problem, but it’s sad on me to see anyone have to step down.

If you want to say a prayer for a speedy recovery.  His name is Mario.  He did hit his head, but there was no indication of a concusion or anything like that.  Praise God, it could have been so much worse than it was!!!

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