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March 16, 2007

This is the first one of these I've done, but while reading Ray's blog
he asked for people to talk about their family's musical talent. 
We've still got littles running around so music is mostly pots &
pans and wooden spoons for us and singing that would make the hair on
the back of your neck stand up.  It's the most joyful sound on
earth!  My grandma used to tell me that somewhere between our
mouths and God's ears the music turned to angel's voices.  I'd
like to believe that.  While I love to pipe up with the strongest
voice I can muster…I can't imagine God wanting to hear it.  

As for Andrew and I, we both play(ed) instruments.  Andrew loves
his trumpet.  I think he'd truly enjoy playing it for worship
services at the church, but he's self concious about it and doesn't
think he's good enough.  I played trombone in another life. 
I loved it then.  I even started college as a music education
major and trombone was my instrument.  We met in marching band in
college.  I will admit, I miss marching band.  I don't miss
just picking up the horn to play for the sake of play.  I was okay
I guess, but after listening to comments from my brother when I was
growing up (siblings can be cruel) I just don't think I was good enough
to keep it up. 

Andrew's dad played piano, but we never knew him.  He died when
Andrew was just a baby.  My family wasn't musical at all.  I
always had music playing, but that's about the extent of it.  I've
heard that my grandmother used to sing a lot and that she and grandpa
sang special music in church all the time.  I can remember her
singing Irish folk songs and some hymns to me when I was pretty young,
but otherwise, that's about it.

We do have my late father-in-law's piano and I need to get it tuned up
and I want to start Christopher on piano this year.  Guess I need
to get cranking on that…

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  1. zoggypdx permalink
    March 16, 2007 12:21 pm

    I really love the thought about angel's voices. I'll keep it in mind when I sing. Keep the pots and wooden spoons out! My children loved their "drums" when they were little.



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