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Remembering Elsie

March 7, 2007

Elsie Eloise
March 11, 1947 – March 7, 2003

It's hard to believe that today, it has now been four years since my
Mother-In-Law passed away.  Elsie fought against one of the most
fierce types of breast cancer her doctors had ever seen.  She got
up every morning and started over again, no matter how she felt. 
She clung to her relationship with Jesus Christ and wouldn't let her
disease take that from her.  I'm not sure if there is any tribute
that would do this dynamic, strong, courageous woman justice, but I
thought it would be nice to post pictures of her today too.  Time
has a funny way of passing and standing still at the same time.  I
found a few pictures this week that I wanted to share.  (I
apologize for the quality, our scanner is out of commission, so these
are digital pictures of the actual print…not the best way to do it,
but I guess it works.)  These are of Elsie with her grandkids, but
I know that once we start to go through her many many albums of photos
we will find more memories than we had ever hoped for. 

We love her and
miss her terribly. 
Andrew, Michele and the kids

Elsie and Christopher (8/18/01)

Elsie, Clara
(my niece who just became a big sister) and Christopher – 7/30/01

Elsie and Erin Grace – 10/22/02

Grandma Ruth
(Elsie's mom) – me..ugh! –Erin Grace and Elsie  

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