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Daddy can we!?!?!?

February 28, 2007

Oh wow.  My children bless me so much that I'm not sure they'll
ever understand just how they make my heart sing!  Since DH and I
decided to have more than two kids, we have really caught the comments
about it.  After all, we had our boy and girl, why would we want
Well, one lesson that I have really wanted to pass on to my kids is
that babies are a gift from God and that we are extremely blessed…no
matter how many God chooses to give us.  They've heard their
grandparents tell us that we need to be done and their other family
members tell us we're crazy.  We just ask them “what do you
think?”  After loosing Joshua, I was surprised at how quickly they
were ready for us to have another one.  I know that they had
anticipated their baby brother's arrival and were ready for him, but I
just assumed that when they saw (and felt) the heartache that comes
with loosing a baby, they wouldn't want to do that again.  HOW

My beautiful children started praying for a new baby brother or sister
several weeks ago and last night when baby Jacob was brought over for a
visit, Christopher asked Daddy “can we have a new baby daddy?!?” 
They are READY!  I am excited.  Even if God never chooses to
bless us with another baby, knowing that they feel a new baby would be
a blessing and gift makes my heart sing! 

So daddy, I know you're reading…can we have a new baby daddy?  can we? 

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  1. kissesmomof4 permalink
    February 28, 2007 1:39 pm

    How wonderful that your children's hearts have healed and are prepared for another sibling. And never forget how blessed you are to have the ability to at least try to have another baby. 🙂

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