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Progress and Additions

February 17, 2007

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to update here at homeschoolblogger.  I started a blog on homesteadblogger for just my personal ramblings, and I think I’ll keep this one for just school related stuff for now, but if I keep having such a hard time getting into this one I’ll probably just use the other one for everything.  If you want to visit it, here is the link.

Things are going along pretty well here.  Christopher is doing great with his work, although we are still taking it slow.  For every hour of academic work that we get in, I feel like we’re doing three additional hours on those little things like character building, impulse control and self awareness.  Yup, just those little things. 

I’m begining to debate adding Erin to our school day now.  She’s picking up on so much stuff that I think it would be nice to have them at the same core level and then just do appropriate level math and language arts with each of them.  She’s trying desperately to boycott the nap, although she and Christopher both still need one, so it might make my day a little easier if I do that.  I’m hoping to talk to DH some about it this weekend and see if we have the $$ in the curriculum budget to get her the Horizons K Math workbooks.  I don’t think I really need the teachers manual for K level.  Having her go through a math worksheet while Christopher is doing his I think would work out well.  Of course, I could just be deluding myself.  I do really like the idea of later versus earlier, which is why we’re planning on plugging through the Core K all the way until December of this year with Christopher.  That way I don’t have to spend every day working so hard on the acedemics when there are all those "little" things I mentioned above that keep creeping up.

Sean on the other hand might finally be starting to talk.  Man it’s weird!  After having two that were almost talking in complete sentences by 2 and Christopher would knew his ABC’s and could say and comprehend WAY more than I ever imagined at 1…it just floors me to have one that doesn’t talk.  We took him in for a hearing test and he passed that with flying colors, so now we’re going to have a speech evaluation done with Birth to 3.  I don’t know if we’ll go into full speech therapy because he is starting to talk more, but it’ll be nice just to hear them say he’s doing okay.

Otherwise, we’re still chugging along.  For the most part people have backed off telling us how messed up our idea of homeschooling is, but there  are still a few that make comments every chance they get.  Sigh…I think they are starting to just accept that we’re weird though.  HA!  I remember in Jr. High we had a slogan one year of "Why be normal?"  I liked it I guess because it stuck!

God Bless!

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