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February 17, 2007

Sometimes I love just sitting back and watching/listening to my kids
play as much as I enjoy playing with them at other times.  Having
an 8 year old girl here has definitely sent imagination into overdrive
for the kids…not that they needed any help!   

My mom told us that her neighbor (an 85 year old man) was sick and has
been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  My kids love it when they
visit their Mamaw because she takes them next door to visit this
wonderful man and his wife.  Today, my 4 year was pretending to be
Mamaw and her older brother and cousin were Mr. & Mrs. Curry. 
She took them the newspaper and let them feed her puppy a treat (one of
the Curry's favorite activities with my mom's dog).  When I called
her Erin said said “I'm not Erin, I'm Mamaw!”  “Where are your
grandkids?”  “SILLY!!!!  I'm just 4!  I'm too young for
grandkids!”  All followed by hysterical laughter.  Then we
all colored pictures and made cards to mail to Mr. Curry.  I'm
sure he'll get a kick out of those!

It's also interesting seeing my oldest pretend to be the daddy while
the girls are playing with their babies.  I think the sweetest
thing is hearing him tell the girls “but I love babies too!  Can't
I just sit and hold her?  I worked all day and now I want to love
on my baby.”  TOOO SWEET!  I guess his daddy is teaching him
some wonderful things about being a loving daddy! 

What a neat day it has been just soaking in all their loving!

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  1. SongofJoy permalink
    February 17, 2007 8:13 pm

    How sweet! Sounds like you had a very blessed day!


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