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All I needed to know…

December 4, 2006

All I needed to learn I didn’t learn in …. Kindergarten!  Man!  I am constantly amazed at what Christopher is learning in a K curriculum.  I know we’re using LA1 and Math1, but the rest is K.  Did they seriously teach all this when I was in school??  I don’t remember learning this type of stuff until middle elementary ages.  Yikes!!!  I’m so grateful that DH is okay with us taking things slow and catering a little bit to Christopher’s learning style (which is all over the place! LOL).  There are days I wonder how in the world other kids like him function in a public school environment.  Today we were able to get back more to our schedule after the crisis in the family a couple of weeks ago. 

We accomplished:

  • handwriting
  • spelling words
  • 2 lessons in math
  • language arts worksheet
  • C reading to me
  • finished reading "The Apple and the Arrow

AND we are taking a break from TV for today.  The kids have only asked once to watch a movie, so I’m hoping they can hold off for the rest of the day and we can survive without it.  This time of day is usually when they want to watch the most.  We haven’t had cable in almost 4 years, but videos and PBS make it so easy to just sit and get much of nothing accomplished.

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